Salon in the Spotlight: Ballerina Beauty, Leeds

Aggie Saruna qualified as a nail technician in 2013, working on a mobile basis and in various salons during the first two years of her career, before setting up a space in her living room in 2015 to work from.

In April 2022, Aggie had her beauty shed built at the bottom of her garden. “I work in my free time around my two children, providing services for nails, eyelashes and brows.”

“Currently, I’m the only person working from my salon,” Aggie notes. “In the future, I’d like to expand my business by branching into education, and I’d love to gain some more qualifications. I’m always eager to learn and grow.

“I’d also love to become a brand ambassador for one of the brands I use.”

“My most popular treatment is sculpted acrylic extensions with designs included,” she shares. “I love for my clients to be able to go wild with their nail designs.

“I offer a variety of nail services in the salon, including sculpted acrylic extensions, sculpted gel extensions, builder gel, gel polish, nail art, gel toes and toenail reconstruction.”

“I use a range of brands depending on the nail service and design,” Aggie explains. “I currently use Glitterbels, Cally Cosmetics, Brillbird, Crystal Nails and Glitter Planet.

“I’ve tried many brands during my time as a tech, and I think that over time, every tech’s brand and product preferences change.”

“Usually my clients come in with a nail design in mind,” she says. “However, clients have learned to put trust in me, so they let me put my own twist on the design.

“I love it when my clients give me free rein – something magical happens!”

“My salon is local, private, delicate and comfortable,” Aggie smiles. “Every client receives a 1-to-1 service, and they feel at ease in the salon.

“It’s located in my garden, surrounded by birds and wild animals like squirrels, so it’s very peaceful.”

“I used emerald green as the main theme for the salon, to match the location in the garden. The rest of the salon is white, with some extra green touches.

“I’ve added fluffy green fleeces and candles to the salon, as a pop of colour and to help create a peaceful, cosy vibe,” she observes. “I wanted to use this to offset the clinical white.”

“I love my décor and how the salon looks,” Aggie beams. “It makes me so happy knowing that it was all selected and created by myself.

“In the future, I’d love to add a cloud ceiling into the salon as I think it would complement it well.”

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By Editor