Lilly Rose Spelman has always had close ties with the beauty industry, having spent six years working for top beauty brands including Chanel, Estée Lauder, Urban Decay and GHD, but her end goal was always to own her own business.

“I took some time out of the beauty industry to start my own family, but decided when I was on maternity leave with my second child that it was now or never,” Lilly remembers. “I spent time researching into the top industry brands, and decided to train with The GelBottle and Noveau lashes in gel nails, builder gel, brows and LVL lash lifts.”

“With the help and support of my family and friends, Lilly’s Beauty Cabin was born in August 2021. We built a cabin in my back garden, which I have turned into a private, cosy and friendly salon for my customers.

“My plan is to eventually offer further treatments in the cabin,” she reveals. “I offer gel overlay, but I specialise in builder gel in a bottle. I only work with the natural nails, and I also offer nail art. The GelBottle’s BIAB has been a game changer for me, and I love the rest of the brand’s products too. I also use Nouveau Lashes and Brow Code.”

Lilly works alone in the salon, wanting to create a private salon space for her clients. “I wanted my salon to be somewhere that every person would feel comfortable coming to, regardless of whether they’re confident or shy. It can be extremely daunting going somewhere new and trusting a stranger with a beauty treatment,” she says.

“My salon is a casual, private and friendly space. It’s somewhere that my clients can turn up in comfy clothes and chat away.”

“My cabin is a relaxing boho style with beiges, creams, blacks and greys. It’s very relaxing and cosy. My mum inspires me with her style every day, so I wanted her to be heavily involved with the décor,” Lilly reveals. “I told her what vibe I was feeling and she helped me bring it all together. She got it spot on!

“The décor is very warm, natural and cosy. It’s exactly like the salon I’d imagined and helps create exactly the vibe that I wanted my clients to feel when they visit.”

Lilly’s favourite feature of her salon is her Audrey Hepburn clock, bought for her by her dad for her birthday. “I knew straight away that I wanted to have it in the cabin. It goes perfectly with my theme, and my dad always said I reminded him of her. Without him, the cabin wouldn’t be here, so it’s a lovely touch to have in there,” she smiles.

“I love everything about my cabin. I love being in there it makes me so proud and fulfilled.”

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By Editor