Scratch Stars Session Nail Stylist of the Year winner 2018 & 2019, Nickie Rhodes-Hill, has launched a planner and appointment book for salon owners.

Nickie Rhodes Hill Headshot

Nickie Rhodes-Hill

The beauty professional has launched the 2024 editions of her Salon Owner’s Annual Planner and Appointment Book, following the success of the 2023 editions.

Featuring a handbag-friendly 6″x9″ size for convenience, the books have three matching, eye-catching cover options, and are printed on high-quality white paper with durable binding, suitable for both pencil and ink.

Nickie Rhodes Hill Salon Owners Planner And Appointment Book

The Salon Owner’s Annual Planner consists of 198 pages to support salon owners with weekly planning throughout the year.

It has several handy features, including pages for setting smart goals and planning them annually, keeping track of important dates and awareness days, recording staff birthdays, quarterly overviews, monthly goals and ideas, budgeting, tracking income and expenses, future planning up to the year 2025 and annual overviews.

Nickie Rhodes Hill Salon Owners Planners

A contemporary appointment book, the Salon Owner’s Appointment Book is aimed at salon owners, home salon owners, mobile nail pros, beauty therapists and hair stylists.

It offers a place to doodle and make notes, forward plan for 2025, keep track of important dates and staff birthdays, record supplier details and monthly budgets, view the week across two pages and check out awareness days and holiday dates.

The 2024 Salon Owner’s Annual Planner and Appointment Book are available via Amazon, here.

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