Beauty fans have been heaping praise on a glowy night cream which leaves your skin feeling 'smooth, plump and plush' – and it’s now on sale.

The ceramide-rich overnight cream from Nip + Fab has customers raving that it's the 'best' they've tried for transforming dry and dull skin while you sleep, reports The Mirror.

Normally, Nip + Fab's Ceramide Fix Overnight Cream 12% costs £29.95, but skincare lovers can now grab this moisturising cream for just £25.45.

This cream not only improves your skin firmness, elasticity and water retention in just four weeks, it also gives a ‘rich’ and ‘luxurious’ experience. It's perfect for mature skin as it smooths out fine lines and uneven skin tone, while also restoring your skin's protective barrier.

This cream will help replenish your skin's hydration, prevent moisture loss, and create a robust barrier against environmental stressors

The moisturiser boasts powerful ingredients like prebiotic biolin and azelaic acid – both supporting elastin production and restoring skin's natural balance. Plus, it also contains moisture-boosting niacinamide and soothing squalane.

Many creams carry ceramides or lipids (oils) that are naturally found in our skin, but what makes this particular formula special is its synthetic ceramides, known as pseudo ceramides. These are more stable, planet-friendly, and can better mimic the composition of natural lipids compared to plant-derived ceramides, offering superior hydration to your skin.

This cream helps to top up your ceramide levels that naturally drop due to things like sun rays and pollution, or even using too much retinol. The results have seen beauty fans give Nip+Fab's Ceramide Fix Overnight Cream 12% a glowing star rating of 4.8, with many saying it's the 'best cream' they have tried.

One shopper shared: "Love this cream. I have sensitive skin and can't use retinol. This cream makes my skin feel hydrated. Best cream I have tried," while another said: "I love the way it makes my skin feel smooth plump and plush."

For one shopper, regular use of this cream brought back her 'glow' and they raved: "I have my glowy skin back. My skin lost its glow. I changed moisturisers with no improvement. Saw this advertised and bought it in desperation. Aren't I glad I did. Really impressed with this. Skin feels nice and looks glowy. Will buy again for sure."

Before and after results from using Nip + Fab's Ceramide Fix Overnight Repair Cream

"My skin looks so fresh and younger!", exclaimed another user. They added: "Since I've been using this cream along with the Hyaluronic Fix Extreme4 Serum 2% my husband and kids have commented daily that I look great. My husband says I look fresh and glowy and my girls say I look younger…It must be working! I can actually notice the difference. My face is smoother and clearer and feels so soft.."

The cream has proven to be a hit, despite some feeling the scent could improve. A buyer shared: "Texture is nice, does not pile with other products, too early to see results, the smell could be nicer."

According to many, this night cream works wonders on sensitive skin due to its natural formula which includes soothing ingredients like chamomile.

However, this isn't the only cream winning over skincare enthusiasts. Loads of influencers adore the £18.99 Inkey List Bio-active Ceramide Repairing and Plumping moisturiser. As Olivia Ancell explained, "it's soft and rich without leaving a residue" and it guards against signs of ageing.

Another favourite is the £20 Sunday Riley ICE Ceramide Moisturising cream. It's a must-have 'skin saviour' for winter and fans say it reminds them of the pricier La Mer Creme de la Mer Moisturizing Cream (£165).

You can get Nip + Fab's ceramide fix overnight moisturiser at the new lower price here.

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