As the rising cost of living and energy bills bite, anything that allows us to save money is welcome – and Marks and Spencer's new designer perfume dupes might just be the perfect solution for overspending. The posh supermarket chain has launched a range of fragrances that smell similar to high-end scents but for a fraction of the price. At £9.50 each, the perfumes have been compared to fragrances like Black Opium – which costs £83 here – and the £126 Chanel No.5.

The M&S perfume range features nine different eau de toilettes, which are available both in stores and at They have already been getting snapped up as dupes of high-end perfumes, with many shoppers raving about them online.

Marks and Spencer's Midnight Blossom Eau De Toilette has been compared to YSL's £82 Black Opium

It comes as no surprise that TikTok users have been sharing the designer perfume dupes with their followers, but this means you'll need to be quick to get your hands on them. Shoppers have also been leaving glowing reviews of the scents on Marks and Spencer's website.

With notes of rose and violet flower, the M&S Velvet Rose Eau De Toilette has been compared to none other than Chanel No.5, which costs £126 here.

"Smells similar to Chanel No 5 lovely perfume good value," said one reviewer.

The posh supermarket is also selling a dupe of the iconic Black Opium scent by YSL (£83, here). Midnight Blossom, which combines soft florals with musky undertones, is £72.50 cheaper than the pricey designer version – so it's certainly worth a go.

The M&S Warm Neroli scent is perfect for Lady Million fans.

For fans of the £90 Lady Million perfume by Paco Rabanne, there's Marks and Spencer's £9.50 Warm Neroli Eau De Toilette.

One five-star reviewer gushed: "Gorgeous perfume. Light and fresh scent. Just like lady million but a fraction of the cost. My new favourite perfume".

You can shop the M&S eau de toilettes for £9.50 each, here.

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