American singer JoJo has just shared a very candid update with her fans on TikTok after problems arose with her lip filler.

The ‘Leave’ singer told her followers that around three months ago she had got her lip filler dissolved after it had started to migrate.

Admitting that she didn’t know that was something that could even happen, JoJo said: “I didn’t know it could do that, I thought it was just going to metabolise and dissolve, like I thought it was just going to go away over time”.

Instead, she revealed that the filler had gotten lumpy underneath her top lip, which she could feel when she ran her tongue over it. So she took the plunge and went to get her filler dissolved, saying: “I’m really glad I did, because even if there’s some remnants of something in there – which I don’t think there is but there probably is – I’m very happy with the way it looks because this is kind of natural. I still have small lips, but you know it’s my face, it’s me”.

JoJo shows off her new 'small lips' after getting her filler dissolved

JoJo had previously had filler to plump up her lips

Filler migration is a common occurrence when it comes to lip filler, and happens when the hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers move beyond the natural border of your lips. Overuse of the HA fillers can also cause bumps and build up of the filler, which can leave lips looking or feeling lumpy and cause congestion in your lips.

When this happens, it’s important to get the filler dissolved, which is done by an aesthetician injecting your lips with concentrated doses of hyaluronidase, which is the enzyme the body naturally produces to break down natural hyaluronic acid. This will break down the HA in your lip filler, before your body then naturally disposes of it.

Lip filler does naturally dissolve on its own over time, as your body’s natural hyaluronidase will break it down for you, which is why people typically need a ‘top up’ of filler every six months or so.

Despite some migration happening, JoJo goes on to say that she’s not mad that experimented with it, after being curious about how she would look with bigger lips and that she really liked it for a while, but said she was glad that when she no longer liked the look that it was easy enough to get them removed.


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