Skincare fans of all ages are praising this ‘miracle in a jar’ face cream that claims to reduce the appearance of dark spots, pigmentation, and ageing.

Users of the NIVEA Cellular Luminous 630 Anti Dark Spot Night Cream, £13.49 here (was £26.99) have been astonished by the results after using it, with shops up to 70 years old leaving a glowing review of the face cream.

Promising results in just four weeks, the NIVEA night cream was created to help counteract the visible signs of ageing, as well as reduce the appearance of dark spots and pigmentation in the skin.

The formula contains cell-activating hyaluronic acid which is well known for its ability to regenerate and strengthen the skin, as well as helping it to retain moisture, leaving it softer and more hydrated. It also contains patented luminous630® which targets dark spots and reduces them while you sleep.

The NIVEA face cream has got users raving about it's impressive results

The ‘miracle in a jar’ face cream is currently part of Boots’ 50% off NIVEA deal, meaning you snap up the 50ml tub for just £13.49, rather than the usual price of £26.99. Effective on all skin types, the NIVEA face cream works at a cellular level to reduce the dark spots, as well as helping prevent their return, leaving you with a more even skin tone and luminous, youthful looking skin.

Designed to be used as part of your nighttime skincare routine, simply apply the NIVE Cellular Luminous cream to your face, neck, and decolletage every evening before bed, and leave it overnight to work its magic.

Dark spots are a typically tricky form of pigmentation to reduce, so users of the product have been amazed by how effective the cream has been at giving them a more even skin tone.

One reviewer had yet to see an improvement, but loved the product, saying: “This is one of the best night creams I have used. Its texture feels light and it absorbs easily. I love its light scent. If it really does help with dark spots, it feels like a bonus.”, with another saying after two weeks they’d already noticed some difference, commenting: “Love it, skin showing an improvement in texture. Hoping it will fade darker pigment but only been using it for 2 weeks so will wait and see.”

Others have been raving about how lovely the cream is to apply and how soft it leaves their skin, with one writing: “Really amazing and didn't feel heavy on my skin like other moisturisers I've used in the past. Will definitely purchase again”, whilst another said: “Lovely texture and easily absorbed so feels quite luxurious.”

You can shop the NIVEA Cellular Luminous 630 Anti Dark Spot Night Cream, £13.49 here whilst the offer runs.

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