sadie jordan headshotSadie Jordan, based in London, works as a creative nail expert and content creator and is now using her knowledge and platform to help fellow nail pros through her initiative ‘Small Account Sundays.’

The initiative is a new Instagram series where Sadie features nail artists who have less than 1000 followers to help them gain some recognition.

“I started Small Account Sundays’ at the beginning of February 2023 after discovering @badpolishgurl Sylvia on Instagram,” reveals Sadie.

“I was absolutely mind-blown by her nail art which is extremely intricate and precise. I was shocked to learn that she only had a very small following on the platform considering the quality of her artwork. I immediately started to share some of her posts on my stories and was overwhelmed by the response I received from it. This inspired me to start sharing the work of other artists who aren’t receiving the recognition that they deserve and Small Account Sundays was born!”

Sadie features accounts that she comes across on the explore page on the platform and also asks her followers to nominate themselves or their favourite accounts with less than 1,000 followers via the questions feature on her stories. She is also going to use the hashtag #SmallAccountSundays to find more accounts.

Instagram @sadiejnails

“As a creator myself, I know how hard it can be to get your work seen online. When I was starting out, it would make such a big impact for brands and other nail artists to share my art on their platforms.

“It allows new people to see your work and attracts new followers to your page. I definitely think more people could do this as it’s a kind gesture that is free and makes such a positive impact to someone’s day, and supports them as a creator and artist.”

Since starting a few months ago, the initiative has been extremely successful with some nominees finding themselves with double the following as a result of being mentioned.

Instagram is the social platform where I personally have the biggest following and I wanted as many people as possible to see the accounts that I feature. Although my own following is not very large, I am followed by a lot of brand owners, publications, beauty editors and nail professionals that could really make a big impact to someone’s career. Sometimes the quality of the followers is more valuable than the quantity!”

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