I'm somewhat obsessed with perfume and candles, and have been for quite some time – I feel like I can transport to another destination with just one spritz or inhaling a newly lit candle. So when I came across Thomson Carter, the fragrance brand that claims to be 'redefining the scent of luxury and success', I was intrigued – especially with bottles being available from as little as £15.

While I'm typically into vanilla scents, I was ready to see if I could be swayed by something new. My everyday fragrance is a £230 bottle from Parfum de Marly, so I decided to see if something that doesn't break the bank can be as good.

As long as you order before noon, you can get next day delivery – and I felt like I barely had to wait for my new fragrance to arrive with my choices showing up on my doorstep the next morning. The parcel even included a little bag and small cushion for the perfumes, which I found to be a nice and luxurious touch.

Rouge Avenue

With floral and woody notes this sensual perfume is extremely enticing.

With pink pepper, jasmine and cedar it manages to be feminine without being overly sweet.

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Thomson Carter

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I got my hands on the full range and couldn't believe how seductive and sensual all of the scents were. They're all what I would describe as 'cuddle scents' and perfect for dates – not to mention they're undeniably alluring.

I decided that Rouge Avenue was the one I would try first, with notes of pink pepper, jasmine and cedar I was excited to see how it would smell on my skin. Jasmine regularly shows up as a middle note in my perfumes and I've found myself drawn to woody scents such as cedar in the past so I figured it would be a strong start.

Rouge Avenue smelled enticing and alluring

While pink pepper isn't something I'd usually go for I decided to try it with a number of my friends swearing by perfumes that feature it as a top note. I found that the perfume had great staying power and I didn't have to reapply more any point – it seemed to linger for hours, it was quite strong without being overpowering which means a little goes a long way.

I'm not sure it stuck out the full 12 as advertised but I found it held for an the evening. After hugging a friend they asked me what perfume I was wearing and said that I smelled 'enticing', and I honestly agreed. Although I've always been drawn to gourmand scents I actually really enjoyed wearing this.

I think wearing this fragrance gave me a boost of confidence, while I typically do feel fairly confident with a spritz of vanilla I found that the luxurious notes of the perfume smelled expensive. Even though it was cheaper than my actually expensive everyday fragrance I know exactly what it means by redefining the smell of luxury and success. It's perfect for wearing to a gallery or fancy dinner, or even a job interview if you want a boost of confidence.

Shelby Lane smells like a sexy man

When I spritzed the rest of the range, there was one that I couldn't get enough of – Shelby Lane. It's a masculine scent with vetiver, sandalwood and dark musk notes and I think it's the dark musk that really takes it to the next level.

It smells undeniably sexy. It's the type of fragrance that would have your head turning trying to find out where the man wearing it is and how you can get to know him. It's something I would definitely be gifting to a boyfriend for date nights.

I was really impressed with the entire range, with prices starting at just £15, you can smell 'like success' and honestly quite sensual. There's even one scent that is being compared to Baccarat Rouge 540.

You can shop the full Thompson Carter range here.

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