This year's Met Gala produced some incredible fashion moments – hello, Kim Kardashian's teeny tiny waist and Elle Fanning's ethereal gown – but if you looked past the gowns and the glamour, you might have noticed some new hair colours as well.

Though Sydney Sweeney certainly took the trophy for the biggest hair transformation, opting for a short black bob complete with a full fringe, it was one blonde tone in particular that reigned supreme on the red carpet: a 'spun with gold' blonde.

The shade was worn on Sunday night by Brie Larson and Rebecca Ferguson (and previously by Margot Robbie), who both looked radiant as they posed for the Met Gala cameras. Their Schwarzkopf Professional hair colourist, Jacob Schwartz, is the mastermind behind the shade – which we're predicting will be a big summer hair colour trend in salons – and he's since sent us over a description of what to ask for yourself if you fancy a gold and gorgeous transformation.

'Spun with gold' blonde is the Met Gala-approved celeb hair colour for summer

Rebecca Ferguson modelled a slightly darker-toned take on the hair colour trend

He explains: "My version of the expensive "Monday blonde”, I call 'spun with gold' and involves a meticulously thorough amount of micro highlights throughout the entire hair. It’s the perfect amount of light and dark blended to give extra life to the hair."

And if you're looking for other blonde hair colour inspiration for the summer, there are plenty of other freshly-trending shades with cool and warm undertones to try.

Take 'Bali' blonde, for example. “Many of us, especially blondes and lighter-toned brunettes, like to brighten up our look as we come out of the doom and gloom of winter. Lighter evenings and brighter days mean people want a fresher colour, and the tone we’re going to be seeing most of is a creamy neutral,” Samantha Cusick from Samantha Cusick London says. “A Bali blonde is punchy enough to offer that brightness but also not particularly ashy. It’s sun-kissed and fresh.”

Sabrina is rocking the Bali blonde shade

If you want something a little more golden in tone, there's also 'teddy' blonde. Samantha explains: “This colour is an in-between of a biscuit and a champagne blonde. It’s a neutral tone that pulls through slightly more golden tones than a creamy blonde. This shade is great for anyone who doesn’t want to fight against the natural warm tones in their hair because it can be hard to stay super ashy if your base colour isn’t naturally cool or neutral. A teddy will stay within your colour palette while still offering you a clean, fresh feel.”

Take care of your new blonde hair

As with any chemical processing, it’s so important to look after your hair before, during and after you've had it bleached or coloured to minimise breakage and damage. The Olaplex No.3 Hair Perfector, £28 here, is a great treatment to use to help repair any broken bonds and leave your hair healthier and stronger.

If you want to keep the colour looking clean, you should invest in some home toning products. We like Shrine Drop It Caramel Blonde Toner, £9.99 here, which can be tailored in strength to suit your hair and your desired tone.

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