We don’t mean to brag but we are pros at spotting a celebrity hair transformation before that celebrity has even had time to announce the change. Today, we’ve spied presenter Stacey Dooley with an updated hair look that she’s yet to reference officially to her Instagram followers.

The mum-of-one has just uploaded a short clip behind-the-scenes of an unnamed filming project. She captions it: “SHOUT OUT to all my crews. Every exec I’m working with has been SO supportive. Ta for letting me pause evs 5 seconds…”

If you take a look at the very end of the clip, you’ll be able to see Stacey’s new haircut. Previously, she had single-length layers that were chopped into a long bob cut above her shoulders. Now, her hair features the addition of a wispy new micro-fringe.

Stacey shows off her new fringe

The fringe isn’t quite as short as a Lily Allen type micro-fringe, but since it does sit above her eyebrows, we think it’s fair to class it as one. We also like how she’s styled it to look wispy rather than blunt – very flattering.

As we say, most of her fans are yet to spot her hair change, but they have taken to the comment section to ponder what she’s filming.

“Is this your new make-over show?” asks one, while a second pens: “Need the whole outfit details!”

A third does notice the hair change, writing: “Love the fringe Stace”.

If you keep up with Stacey and her changing hair styles you might recall she made a big decision to have a curtain fringe cut in back in December 2022. She took to her Instagram account at the time to share the style, which she claims she’s been “talking about since 2018”. The look featured a wispy fringe that grazed the top of her lashes, but since then, she’s been growing out her front layers so that they reach a similar length to the rest of her hair. This proved not such a tough feat considering she went and chopped several inches off her ends a year ago in March.

Stacey Dooley with her bob

The presenter unveiled the new bob look as part of an ad post with Clairol, for whom she is a Nice’n Easy ambassador – and it’s safe to say that fans, at the time, were kind of obsessed with the shorter ‘do.

"Wow, LOVE the short hair," one fan enthused, while another added, "Omg lovely… you've had lots cut off!"

Meanwhile a third follower commented, "Makes me want to go short again. Looks amazing" as a fourth chimed in with, "Stunning darling! Suits you so much!"

It’s safe to say that Stacey pulls off just about any hair look – fringe or no fringe!


By Editor