Stacey Solomon is known for her effortless beauty looks, whether it’s a minimalist manicure or an easy-to-copy hairstyle, and the mum of four always makes sure she shares the secrets behind her looks with her followers.

In a series of Instagram stories, Stacey chatted to her followers about her upcoming trip to Paris, as she revealed her incredible heat-free curls thanks to one simple trick.

As she’s talking, Stacey unravels her plaited hair to reveal incredible super tight waves that would give any heated waver a run for its money. She shared the secret to her bouncy waves with her followers, and her technique couldn't be easier.

Stacey Solomon looks almost unrecognisable as she shows off her heat free curls

Stacey achieved her look by plaiting her hair while it was still wet

The TV personality admits that all she does is wash her hair, then whilst it’s still damp plaits it into two thick dutch plaits that start at the front of her hair and work their way down to the ends.

Dutch plaits are very similar to the more traditional French plait, however whilst with a French plait you’re crossing the sections of hair over the top of each other to create a smooth braid, for a Dutch plait you cross the sections of hair underneath each other, which causes the braid to be raised on top of your hair.

Dutch plaits have been particularly popular over the last few years thanks to celebs like Khloe Kardashian, Zendaya, and Hailey Bieber rocking the style, usually as a pair of braids down either side of the head.

In her Instagram stories, Stacey carefully unravels her plaits, before using her fingers to fluff up her and help blend the sections together to create incredible thick, voluminous waves. She then applies a serum, which she warms in her hands first, before rubbing it through her hair to help smooth any frizzy sections and add extra shine to her lengths.

Stacey showed off her hair as she undid her plaits before brushing it through

She shared a follow up snap of her new extreme curls, and looked almost unrecognisable with the extra volume and bounce. Considering how straight forwards Stacey’s technique is, the results are incredible, with the best part being that no heat is needed to achieve it.

Although with the right heat protector sprays damage from using heated tools like tongs and straighteners should be minimal, repeated use of them over time can end up causing breakage, dryness, and damage to your hair. Perfecting a heat free style is the perfect way to change up your hairstyle, whilst still giving it a break from unnecessary heat.

Stacey may just have convinced us to retire our curling tongs for a while, because we’re absolutely obsessed with how good her super curly hairstyle looks!


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