In an app full of glossy beauty tutorials, Stacey Solomon is providing some ultra-relatable relief in the form of her latest TikTok eyelash how-to clip. Titled 'Put my lashes on with me & watch me turn into a different person," the mum-of-five shares how she makes her eyelashes look their best with the help of mascara and some falsies, noting that "I always get asked for a tutorial so here you go".

As with all Stacey videos, the tutorial takes viewers on a relatably wild ride as she wraps the strips around her fingers before chopping off the ends using her teeth. The end results, however, are perfection – so listen up to her tips.

"Look at how my eyelashes change my whole face," she says as she shows herself with a completely bare, makeup-free face. "I don't think I look bad like this, I think I'm beautiful – so beautiful – but I just look extra beautiful with a set of lashes on.

"Look at how my eyelashes change my whole face," she says

"I always put mascara on first. I don't know why, I just think they stick better with mascara on. Even though I have stubbs for lashes, this mascara makes me look like I have something there. I don't know what happened to my lashes, where they are or why I didn't get any, but I will not remember to put lash serum on every day – I only just remember to put some moisturiser on."

Stacey doesn't show the brand of mascara but it looks to be L'Oréal Paris' Paradise Castor Oil Enriched Mascara, £12.99 here, which she's raved about in the past.

She continues: "Curl your lashes. Not these lashes [her natural lashes], these lashes [the falsies]. Put them around your fingers. This is what I do to make them go on better and make them take shape.

As with all Stacey videos, the tutorial takes viewers on a relatably wild ride

Again, Stacey doesn't show the brand, but she's used Doll Beauty Eva Lashes, £9.50 here, for years, so we imagine she's either using these or a similarly wispy set. The 34-year-old then goes on to explain the lash glue she uses is Ardell Duo Glue, £5.40 here, which, according to her, "Smells like fish but it's the only one that lasts all day."

We then reach the more chaotic section of the tutorial where she chews into her falsies. "My eyes aren't that long. If I had scissors I'd use them to cut it but I don't," she says, gnawing on the end of the strip lashes with her teeth to cut them down to the correct size for her eyes.

Finally, Stacey gets a bit philosophical as the clip nears a close: 'I think I look nice without eyelashes. I know it's not the said thing but I think I look really pretty without them. I have got tattoos eyebrows so they always look good now – best decision I ever made – but I have literally no make-up on and I feel like I've made an effort. Do you know what I mean?"

We do, Stacey, and so do her followers, by the sounds of it.

"Not sure I have EVER seen a more realistic tutorial," says one, while a second writes: "Cutting the lashes with your teeth makes me feel so much better about when I do something like that."

A third pens: "This is the most down-to-earth, relatable video. Love it."

Never change, Stace. And keep those beauty tips coming our way!

By Editor