Stacey Solomon has been taking her Instagram followers along with her as she gets ready for her holiday with a series of beauty treatments, but there’s one particular transformation that she – and we – can’t quite get over.

After treating herself to a manicure, pedicure and a vitamin B drip, Stacey tells her followers her next treatment will be to tackle her brows, joking: “Look at these beasts. They’re about to look like Megan Fox's. I’ll do a before and after, I’m telling you, look at the state of them!” as she laughed with her eyebrow technician.

However clearly Stacey wasn’t joking about the ‘Megan Fox’ worthy eyebrow transformation as she has indeed share a before and after, and the results are absolutely stunning. Before, Stacey’s eyebrow hairs were very fair coloured and thin at the tail ends. They also needed a tidy up to get rid of the stray hairs.

Stacey promised her followers that her new brows would look like Megan Fox's, and she wasn't wrong

However, once her beautician had worked her magic, Stacey’s brows were tinted a dark brown and became much thicker and fuller looking. Stacey is clearly a big fan of her new look, as she captions the photo: “Is this a joke” with a crying laughing emoji, before continuing: “I’ve had them waxed, tinted, and laminated, and I have honestly never had brows like this. I’m soooo impressed”.

Although the wax and tint will have helped give Stacey’s new brows some colour and definition, it’s the lamination process that takes them up a notch. One of the most popular current eyebrow trends, brow lamination leaves your eyebrows looking shinier and smoother, and is particularly popular with anyone who’s experiencing brows that are either unruly or thinning.

Megan Fox and her perfect brows

The result is brows that look thick and fluffy whilst still keeping a natural look, but require next to no upkeep or maintenance until your next appointment. During the lamination process, the brow hairs are straightened and lifted using a chemical solution, so you can move them a desired shape and fill in any gaps or thin areas. The hairs are then fixed in place and tinted if required for a long lasting look.

Stacey shared that she’d got her brows done at Brentwood Beauty, as well as tagging the other beauticians that had helped her get ready for her holiday, including Fresh Faces Essex for her vitamin B drip, and James Johnson for her hair. In a sweet gesture, Stacey told her followers that she wants to help local businesses and friends she’s been going to for years get a little boost because of how tough times are at the moment.


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