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Scratch chats to Abi Bright, founder of nail-focused booking web app, Polishpad, to discover how its range of features can benefit nail pros and clients – and learn about its competition for techs…

Abi Bright

Abi Bright

Abi Bright’s passion for nails was realised when she was 16, and it’s something that stayed with her throughout her time at university, where she studied Economics while gaining a nail qualification. After her studies, Abi became a project lead in the payments industry, but was aware of a gap in the nail sector for a tool to help professionals streamline operations, automate administrative tasks and efficiently manage their businesses.

“Launching Polishpad was more than creating a booking system; it was about building a community, fostering creativity and contributing to the growth of the nail industry,” Abi shares. “By concentrating solely on nails, Polishpad ensures that every feature is tailored to the needs of nail technicians and their clients.”

For nail techs

Once nail professionals sign up to Polishpad, they need to upload proof of identification and an insurance document, connect to Stripe to ensure secure and hassle-free payment processing, and create a personalised one-page website on the platform, displaying their services and a visual portfolio of work.

“Polishpad is designed to be a comprehensive business management tool, offering features that go beyond basic appointment scheduling. The aim is to elevate the visibility of technicians, attracting a broader clientele,” reveals Abi.

“As we build the platform, we value the input of nail technicians – their feedback is essential to us.”

For nail clients

After signing up, clients can explore nail businesses in their area, look through portfolios, read reviews and book appointments 24/7, as well as cancel or reschedule appointments via their accounts. “Polishpad aims to be a hub for diverse nail artistry, giving clients access to a range of talented technicians with unique styles and specialties,” Abi explains.

Polishpad 2

Looking to the future, Abi details that the goal for Polishpad is to bring together nail technicians, beauty enthusiasts seeking services and nail brands in one space, where users can not only book services, but buy and sell nail products. A reports page is also in the pipeline, which will allow techs to set goals and track performance.

“As Polishpad evolves, my commitment remains strong: to empower professionals and make a lasting impact on their operations and success.”

Battle of the Nail Techs

Botnt Content

BOTNT 2023 week one entries.

Polishpad hosts three-month long nail art competition, Battle of the Nail Techs (BOTNT), initially launched to uplift the spirits and share the work of the Polishpad community during lockdown. “What started as a small idea to keep the essence of the nail industry alive, quickly grew into an annual celebration of creativity and skill,” Abi smiles. “Each year, BOTNT has expanded, garnering support from Jolene Brodeur, a celebrity manicurist with over 30 years’ experience.

“BOTNT isn’t just a competition; it’s a celebration of the incredible individuals who contribute to the artistry of nails.”

Five rounds, each with a different nail theme, challenge techs to be creative, before the grand final sees three contenders battle it out for the winning title. “Three participants advance to the final in each round. One finalist is chosen by public votes, another by Jolene and a third by a sponsor,” Abi comments.

BOTNT 2024 will feature fresh themes, more prizes, diverse nail categories and a possible in-person final for the first time. Follow Polishpad on Instagram and Facebook to stay in the loop.


Watch Scratch’s video interview with Abi Bright below.

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