Professional dancer Dianne Buswell isn’t afraid of a dramatic hairstyle and is known for her bright, fiery red hair colour.

However, Dianne has just undergone another major hair transformation, and it took just seconds to do at home. In an Instagram post on Sunday, Dianne shares a series of snaps of her with the brand new full fringe that was cut into a choppy feathered style, with face framing layers down the side.

However, Dianne’s new fringe wasn’t as big of a commitment as the photos might suggest. The 33 year old captioned her photo: “When @larrykinghair and @vickydemetriouhair can change your look in seconds”, suggesting the new look was a quick change, which Dianne confirms in a follow up video showing how she’d got the bold new look without the commitment.

Dianne Buswell's new fringe was actually a clip in, allowing her to get a dramatic makeover without the commitment

In the video, the dancer lip synchs to a scene from Keeping Up with the Kardashians as she pulls a clip in fringe out of a bag before immediately fitting it herself. The wig was a perfect colour match to Dianne’s vibrant red hair, and blends seamlessly into her real hair as she clips it into the crown of her head.

The dancer praised her hair stylist Vicky Demetriou for creating the custom clip in for her at the Larry King hair salon in London, with the caption: “And here’s how it happened ! @vickydemetriouhair made this fringe especially for me and I love it so much if you want a change up but don’t want to commit to the chop head to @larrykinghair and ask Vicky for one of her specialty’s, it’s so fun to change up a look !!!!!”

Vicky is an award-winning extensionist and cutter, and is the stylist behind Dianne’s various vibrant hair colours and extensions. She often shares videos of her hair transformations and refreshes on her Instagram account, showing off just how much Dianne suits a whole host of different colours.

Dianne showed off a dramatic new hair cut, but the 'Claudia Winkleman' fringe wasn't all it seemed

It takes just seconds for the clip in to blend into Dianne’s hair, and after some quick fluffing and positioning, you would never know that she hadn’t had a real fringe chopped in. Fans of the Australian dancer say she’s giving major Claudia Winkleman vibes with the new look, with one commenting: “Yesss love the fringe it’s giving Claudia Winkleman”, whilst another replied to her follow up video: “Part of the Winkleverse”.

Clip ins are an easy way to try out a dramatic new hairstyle without the commitment, and mean you can easily change up your looks for different occasions in seconds. From clip in extensions for temporary length to a clip in fringe for a whole new look – it’s safe to say we’re obsessed with an easy make over.


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