Spring is the perfect time to experiment with a hair transformation, with the (slightly) sunnier weather making us want to go lighter and brighter with our hair shade.

One celeb who has decided to take the plunge and lighten things up ready for summer is former EastEnders actress and Strictly Come Dancing winner Rose Ayling-Ellis.

She showed off her new summery blonde shade in an Instagram Story on Wednesday after a visit to Salon64 in London, where she switched up her look from her usual dark blonde colour to a much lighter, brighter toned blonde.

Although she’s kept a slightly darker top section, the lengths and ends of Rose’s hair have been lightened up in a subtle ombre style, with the ends almost nearing platinum blonde, a dramatic departure from her usual ashy dark blonde with light brunette lowlights.

Rose also braved a chop during the salon visit. Whilst before her hair fell to the middle of her back, after her new cut it stops just below her shoulders, styling it in loose curls. She also had some face framing layers cut in to help give her hair some texture and movement.

Rose Ayling-Ellis debuts her new 'vanilla latte blonde' hair

Rose previously had longer hair in a dark blonde shade

In the photo Rose posted, she posed for a selfie with her hairstylist Ricky Walters, the owner of Salon64, as she showed off her new summer blonde curls. She also tagged SALON64's Senior Colourist, Bart Cacciapaglia, and Senior Stylist Stevie Holland in her post, saying: “Fab team as always” after the trio helped create her stunning hair transformation.

Colour experts have tipped ‘vanilla latte blonde’ as the next big hair trend of the summer, thanks to its softer, milky tones that suit everyone.

“Kind on the complexion, vanilla latte blonde captures that super light blonde without being bright, cool or even ash; existing in a milky, vanilla-y, creamy tone between warm and cool that suits all skin types,” explains Jason Collier, celebrity hairdresser and Bblonde brand educator.

Opting to go for a lighter colour in the summer, and darkening it again in the winter, has been a hair trend for decades, as people aim to recreate a natural, sunkissed glow ahead of warmer months.

Rose had golden locks during her time on Strictly

Hair naturally lightens over the summer or when you’re on holiday, as the sun does quite literally bleach some of the colour from your tresses. Some people employ the tradition of adding lemon juice to their hair when they’re in the sun to accelerate the lightening process, and although it won’t quite leave you with a salon-worthy balayage, it does actually work.

However, getting your hair professionally lightened can save it from damage further down the line, as well as placing the lighter areas in exactly the right places for a gorgeous sunkissed look that’s both flattering and natural-looking.

Balayage is the most common way of doing this, as the colourist hand paints sections of your hair with bleach, choosing sections that look random, but actually blend together to create an overall brighter, blonder look.

We predict Rose won't be the last celeb to brave the vanilla latte blonde shade!


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