The weather's getting warmer, which means it's time to start thinking about wearing T-shirts, skirts and dresses – or at the very least, perhaps baring a little ankle. If your skin's still looking grey and sallow from winter, you'll want to shop for the best fake tans – and this is one you won't want to miss.

Home tanning brand Tan-Luxe has teamed up with Noughties icon Paris Hilton to create a brand new self-tan product. The Future Airbrush 360 Self-Tan Mist & Mitt, £39 – which contains a 150ml bottle of the tanning mist itself plus a pink, velvety mitt – is the easiest way to get the original it-girl's Californian tan at home.

Tan-Luxe's first celebrity partnership

* The Future Airbrush 360 Self-Tan Mist & Mitt, £39 from Tan-Luxe

Priced at £39, The Future is available to buy from Tan-Luxe's own website as well as other retailers including Selfridges and ASOS.

Touted as "the most hydrating tan ever," according to Paris, the formula combines DHA (the tanning ingredient) with melanin-enhancing red algae extract, plus peptides and a hyaluronic acid-rich 'hydra boost complex'. The result is a tan that, Tan-Luxe say, moisturises skin by up to 66% and lasts a minimum of 10 days, with a result that rivals a professional spray tan

And if that classic biscuity fake tan smell usually puts you off, you needn't worry about that here, as The Future Self-Tan Mist is formulated with a Pink Sands scent, containing notes of cassis, violet and white leather.

Get a A-lister glow like Paris

"I’ve been spray tanning for over 20 years and I’ve tried every formula on the market to perfect my glow," says Paris. "I knew I’d found my match when I tried Tan-Luxe’s clear formulas. They were a total game-changer to me. It felt like my tanning routine had stepped 40 years into the future!

"I always say to my husband, ‘I’m not Paris when I’m pale.’ That’s why I’ve partnered with Tan-Luxe to create the easiest-to-use, longest-lasting and most hydrating tan ever. And I would know, since I’m the Queen of Tanning."

We can't wait to try this out!

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