Bleached eyebrows have been the unexpected beauty trend of 2022. Plenty of celebs have given the edgy look a try, but Tasha Ghouri is closing the year with a “bold and daring” brow transformation of her own.

Taking to Instagram to show off her makeover, the Love Island finalist poses for a carousel of glamorous snaps.

“Bold and daring. We did something a little different for this look! love playing around with different looks and changing it up,” she writes.

Fans have instantly spotted the big change to Tasha’s look, and are keen to let the model-turned-social media sensation know that she looks great with lighter arches.

Tasha shows off a bleached brow look

“The brows! Please keep,” urges one.

Others compare her to fellow light or bleached eyebrow wearers, with one saying: “Kate Moss vibes,” and another adding: “Channelling Julia Fox”.

Kate Moss hasn’t bleached her eyebrows, to the best of our knowledge, but Tasha’s block red lip and model-like slicked-back hair do give her a very “young Kate” look. As for Julia Fox, aka Kanye’s muse, she doesn’t exactly look like Tasha, but she did seem to be one of the earlier celebs to rock the bleached brows.

Tasha, left, and Kate Moss, right

If you want to be taken on a brief run-down of celebs who have tried out barely-there brows this year, we’ve got that intel. Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, Gigi and Bella Hadid, Nicola Peltz Beckham, Ashley Graham, Maisie Williams and Madonna have all transformed their looks with the help of a bit of bleach. Most of them swiftly reverted back to their usual brow shades, but some – like Julia, Maisie and Nicola – have made the bleach a long-standing feature of their looks.

This isn’t the first occasion in recent months that Tasha has tried doing something new with her hair and makeup. The 24 year old also gave a very impressive impression of a 90s Pamela Anderson last month to promote a range with fashion brand Sisters & Seekers.

The look saw her model Pam’s iconic baby fringe, bouffant hair and skinny eyebrows.

We wonder what other trends Tasha will try out in 2023.


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