There have been a few questionable 90s beauty trends that have made unwanted resurgences this year – skinny brows and overly lined lips, we’re looking at you – but we didn’t think frosted makeup would be one anyone would want to bring back from the depths of the 90s and early noughties.

If you can’t quite conjure up an image of what frosted makeup is, think Blu Cantrell in the Breathe music video, Tyra Banks in her early catwalking days and Christina Aguilera during her Genie in a Bottle era. Now, you can add Tasha Ghouri in 2022 to that list.

Tasha, left, is reigniting the frosted blue eyeshadow trend, right, worn by Christina Aguilera in the 90s

The Love Island finalist is making a bid for a frosted blue eyeshadow comeback with a new and very glamorous Instagram snap where she looks like a 90s supermodel. In fact, she’s making blue eyeshadow – which can look a little “raided mum’s old make-up” when done wrong – look cool (pun intended).

“Windswept,” Tasha simply captions the post.

“You literally look like a Victoria’s Secret model – stunning,” comments fellow Love Islander Liberty Poole.

“It’s giving pop princess in an early 2000s music video,” says one of Tasha’s followers, while a second adds: “Love the baby blue eyes!”

Hailey has also tried to bring back blue eyeshadow

We’d say that Tasha is kicking off a frosted trend, but some celebs have already attempted to bring the look back this year. They’ve dipped their toe (and make-up brushes) in blue eyeshadow, but the look still hasn’t quite made it to the masses. Dua Lipa, for example, wore a frosted eye to an awards show at the start of the year. Then there was Hailey Bieber, our official beauty guru of 2022, who did a glazed take on frosted eyeshadow with just a touch of blue as an underliner.

Combine those A-list attempts with Tasha’s new look and we’re going to predict blue eyeshadow is going to be big for 2023. Quick, somebody tell Steps.


By Editor