There are some celebs who are just synonymous with a hair colour. Jessica Chastain is born redhead while Nicole Scherzinger is a glossy brunette through and through. We would also add The Big Bang Theory actress Kaley Cuoco to this list, as her “Penny” blonde hair is something we all know her for, but she’s just gone to the dark side.

Unveiling a new “candlelit brunette” hair colour on the Golden Globes red carpet, Kaley proves she can seamlessly swap between blonde and brunette hair and still look better than all of us. This is actually the second phase of the 37 year old’s hair transformation. The first stage saw her cut in a blunt fringe back in March 2022.

Now, it seems it was the turn of the colour phase. This exact brunette tone she’s gone for is referred to as a candlelit colour by hair experts due to its light-reflecting tone. Think of the flickering, warm like that a candle emits and you’re on the right track.

Kaley Cuoco looks amazing with a "candlelit" brunette colour

Experts predict this colour – also known as a “yours but better” brown – will be big for 2023, thanks to a host of celebrities like Cara Delevingne and Emily in Paris’ Mindy Chen popularising the tone.

“We’re living in a generation where hair health means just as much as visible results. The demand for shine-boosting treatments instead of dye and bleach is in line with the focus on hair health,” explains Stéphane Ferreira, senior colourist at Live True London. “Because of this, and because of the huge wave of people going back to their natural root colour, we’re expecting to see natural, glossy brunettes ruling 2023.”

Big Bang Theory's Kaley with her previously blonde hair

In other hair news from the week, Hailey Bieber – who’s “mushroom bronde” colour was arguably the catalyst for the “return to our roots” revolution – has just shared a snap of her natural, extensions-free hair. The star explains that it’s taken her three years to grow out her lengths to a point where they don’t need boosting with extensions or clip-ins.

Speaking on her Instagram Stories this week, Hailey says: “It’s taken me three years to grow my hair out. Officially can do a ponytail with no extensions or clip-ins.”

We don’t know about you but we’re loving how 2023 is proving to be the year of natural beauty.


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