Nail brand, Le Chat, has collaborated with Coors Light to launch Chill polish.

Chill polish is a nail polish that changes from slate grey to blue when exposed to different temperatures. The feature complements the Coors Light beer cans, which feature mountains that turn a blue hue when the beer is at optimum cool temperature for drinking.

“To see if your pint of Coors Light is as cold as the Rockies, simply paint your nails using Coors Light Chill Polish for a sleek, light blue everyday manicure, then watch them turn to dark blue when holding your cold pint of Coors Light,” the company said in a press release.

The concept is that the nail polish will change colour when holding a pint of beer if it senses it is cold enough for drinking.

Chill polish can be purchased from Le Chat and Coors Light Shop.

By Editor