Love Islander Samie Elishi has been a big hit in the villa, capturing the attention of three boys the moment she stepped onto the island.

Although she’s proving popular amongst the reality show’s contestants, there’s another thing that’s got her fans talking – her eyebrows.

Known for her thick fluffy eyebrows, senior estate agent coordinator Samie has been spotted using three main products to help her maintain her brows, and luckily for fans, all three of the products are available at Boots.

With prices starting at just £6, you can recreate the signature brow look at home in just three easy steps.

Samie's eyebrows have been a big hit with fans

The 22 year old Londoner was seen using MASQD’s The Slanted Tweezer, £6 here, to tidy up her brows and help her maintain their shape.

The MASQD tweezers have a sharp, slanted edge and micro-fine tip allows you to tweeze even the finest of strands and tiny hairs that are just coming through, without risking pinching your skin – perfect for getting that perfect arch that’s key to some enviable brows.

The MASQD tweezers are key to getting a perfectly arched brow

Next up is the Benefit Gimme Brow+ Volumising Eyebrow Pencil, £23.50 here. Not just your ordinary pencil, this one is responsible for helping give Samie’s eyebrows the depth and volume that makes them so popular.

The first brow pencil to contain both fibres and powder, the formula is made up of silk cotton tree fibres which adhere to your skin and existing eyebrow hairs, giving them extra volume whilst also filling and defining. This is what gives Samie’s brows the natural looking texture and fullness that makes them such a hit.

There are 12 shades available, so you can find the perfect one to suit you, not to mention it’s also waterproof and transferproof, and lasts up to 12 hours – no wonder she made sure she took it into the villa with her.

The Benefit eyebrow pencil gives Samie's eyebrows the volume and definition that's made them so popular

Finally, to get the shape and hold that makes sure her brows still look flawless after hours of filming, Samie has been spotted using the e.l.f. Brow Lift Clear, £6 here. The shaping wax is extreme-hold, and holds your brows in place for a fluffy, feathered look.

Giving a similar finish to the popular ‘soap brows’ look, this wax also helps condition your eyebrows at the same time. Not to mention, its clear colour means it works for everyone, and the fact Samie’s brows never have a hair out of place is a testament to its hold power.

Get brows that stay put all day long with the e.l.f. Brow Lift

After what viewers have called “Love Island’s sexiest scene ever” between her and Tom on Tuesday night, we’re pretty sure she’ll be glad of their staying power!


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