Brighton-based professional nail brand, The GelBottle Inc (TGB), has added three shades to its All-in-One BIAB™ collection.

Originally designed for use with The GelBottle Inc DesignEx Pro™ extensions, All-in-One BIAB™ is a soak-off, medium viscosity builder gel acting as a base coat, builder gel and top coat. The formula contains 50% less HEMA than TGB’s Original BIAB™ and supports natural nail growth as a strong, protective overlay.

The three new shades: NU06, NU07 and NU08, are inspired by popular TGB BIAB™ shades:

  • NU06 – shimmering pink inspired by Aurora.
  • NU07 – pale pink inspired by Lady: ideal to create a classic French.
  • NU08 – vibrant pink inspired by Baby.

Tgb All In One Biab 3 Shades Collage

All-in-One BIAB™ in NU06, NU07 and NU08

All-in-One BIAB™ is among The GelBottle Inc‘s extensive BIAB™ (builder in a bottle) selection, also featuring Original BIAB™, Hema-Free BIAB™ and File-Off BIAB™, the latter of which can be used to create two-three millimetre extensions of the natural nail. Each formula is self-levelling, and shades can be worn alone or under gel polish colours.

Daisy Kalnina“I created BIAB™ because I could see the growing demand from clients looking to strengthen and care for their natural nails and for nail technicians to have a service that was affordable and achievable in a short amount of time,” comments Daisy Kalnina, founder & CEO of The GelBottle Inc. “As a nail tech, I understand that every client has unique needs and preferences, which is why we offer such an extensive range of BIAB™ shades and formulations.”

“At TGB, we place a great deal of importance on investing in research and development to understand the synergising effects of ingredients and how to develop formulations that enhance the nails aesthetically,” adds Ifra Siddique, compliance director at The GelBottle Inc. “Each of our BIAB™ formulations comes with several benefits: protecting against breakages to allow clients to grow natural nail length, preventing chipping.”

The GelBottle Inc BIAB™ is available to purchase via

Tgb All In One Campaign Close Ups Nu06 0651 Final 4x5 Crop

All-in-One BIAB™ in NU06

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