We love it when we start receiving intel from inside the villa about what the Love Island cast are using and loving from their fully stocked glam room and bathroom shelves. This week, Boots let us know via its weekly beauty bulletin that a particular favourite of the 2024 castmates is a colour-correcting tooth serum that boosts the whiteness of their smiles.

Hismile's V34 Colour Corrector Serum is usually £19 on Boots but can be snapped up for £12.61 today, and comes with plenty of five-star reviews from impressed shoppers. Although this serum isn't technically a toothpaste, the. brush-on liquid went viral on social media last year for its astonishing whitening results, instantly neutralising yellowing and getting rid of stains.

HiSmile has been called purple shampoo for your teeth

So how does it work? The serum uses colour-correcting technology to give you a brighter, whiter smile and help get rid of the appearance of stains and yellowing. The stain-removing paste works just like purple shampoo does on brassy hair, with the purple colour neutralising yellow stains and tones to leave your teeth looking whiter – hence why the Love Island stars must be loving it. Since they won't have access to their usual teeth whitening clinic services, we imagine this serum is helping them keep their smiles gleaming for the cameras.

"Starting using this for my best friend's wedding and haven't stopped since. It really does work (if you stay consistent)," says one impressed shopper.

The bargain product has found TikTok fame

A second pens: "Whitening at a dentist has been painful to me in the past and this is a great alternative," with a third adding: "Purple teeth for a bit but after you rinse it off. Its WHITE."

Designed to be used alongside your regular toothpaste, the colour corrector works as a brightening booster in addition to your normal dental care routine. You just need to add two pumps of the V34 Colour Corrector Serum to your toothbrush and brush your teeth for around two minutes in a circular motion, before spitting it out and rinsing the excess paste from your mouth making sure you don’t swallow any.

If you're looking for other affordable teeth whitening suggestions, we can also highly recommend DrDent Premium Teeth Whitening Strips, was £19.99 but now £15.99 here. These are Amazon’s number one choice for teeth whitening and are also peroxide-free, making them safe for enamel.

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