I’ve probably looked at more nail tech social media pages than anyone else on the planet. I have also probably helped more nail techs than anyone else on the planet to get fully booked and earn £3-5k a month, and part of that strategy comes down to social media marketing.

Social media can play a huge part in the success of a business, but unfortunately many nail techs don’t have a lot of confidence around it. They’re also not making the most of the fabulous free resource that’s available to them.

Most nail techs end up attracting other nail techs to their pages. But what’s stopping you from attracting clients?

1.Captions are limited.

Most nail techs use their social media pages like a photo album. Even though that’s better than nothing, it means you’re not talking to your ideal client or standing out from the crowd. In the Nail Business Success Club, we recommend learning how to write problem solving posts that speak to your ideal clients.

2. Fear of self-promotion.

Your social media pages are there for you to promote your businesses, but i see very little promotion or selling going on at all. It’s not that you need to be pushy or sales-y, but f you want to make some money, you do need to know how to sell your services and take your audience from knowing you exist to actually booking in.

3. You’re hiding behind your logo.

People buy from people, so the more you show your face and personality on your pages, the better. You’ll not only find you get more engagement but you’ll build trust with your audience faster, too. This means they’ll go from follower to client a lot quicker!

4. Inconsistency.

Most techs are motivated for a bit to post and then fall off the wagon with it all. Maybe they didn’t see results quickly enough or just couldn’t come up with enough ideas for posts. Either way, if you want to grow your business faster than just through word of mouth recommendations, then you must stay consistent. I can’t tell you how many times nail techs have said to me: ‘a client came in who said she had been following me for six months before she booked in.’ Marketing works… but only if you actually stick to it!

5. No social media strategy.

To truly get the most from your social media pages you need a strategy, and planning to post once a day on your page is not the strategy. Start by breaking down your social media plan into two parts; raising awareness and conversion, and do different types of posts for each.

Ask yourself these two questions: what actions do you need to take to raise awareness of your business within your local community? And now that they know you exist, what actions do you need to do to get them asking for a price list or more info?

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By Editor