With the Barbie movie finally landing on UK streaming service NowTV our love of last year’s iconic trend-setting film has officially been rekindled. Couple that with Sabrina Carpenter’s stunning 90s-themed Barbie-esque photoshoot for Kim Kardashian’s SKIMS, and we’re officially a Barbie convert once more.

The popstar has shot to A-list status after supporting Taylor Swift on her Eras Tour, and her latest SKIMS campaign has most definitely cemented that status. In the shoot, Sabrina was the perfect embodiment of the iconic doll, right down to her fluttery lashes that we’ve been coveting.

Thanks to makeup artist Carolina Gonzalez, we’ve got the run down on some of the products used to create the angelic look, including the Velour DIY Lash Extension Cluster Packs, £27 here, she used for Sabrina’s natural-looking fluffy eyelashes.

Sabrina Carpenter wore Velour-Xtensions Lash Clusters for her SKIMS shoot

Carolina said, “I find Velour to be some of the best lashes on the market because of how high the hair quality is. Their products truly mimic real lash hair making them super fluffy, fine, and easy to layer. This allows you to go for any type of lash look you are trying to achieve from subtle to bold”.

The false lashes are a perfect alternative to pricey salon extensions and actually last up to five days – perfect for weekends away or big events. They’re also waterproof, making them a great choice for any holidays you have coming up.

For Sabrina’s look, Carolina used the individual clusters rather than a traditional strip lash, which allowed her to create a completely customised look for the shoot. The set of 18 clusters includes a mix of classic (natural and light density), hybrid (full and medium density) and volume (glam and heavy density lashes) that can be layered and placed wherever you like to create the result you want.

Shoppers have also been singing their praises, writing: “I was skeptical about the different lengths of lashes at first and how it would fit my eyes, but surprisingly the lengths were a perfect fit. It was a natural transition, although final look is more dramatic than i expected. However, when i used it the third time, I got used to the look and it was much more natural than when I first applied it. I like the thin band also. Overall, no issues with these lash extensions.”

The set comes with three different lash lengths

If you want a complete kit that’ll help you get salon-worthy lash extensions at home, Eylure’s brand new Underlash Salon Lash Extension Kit, £19.99 here, is another great option. The kit includes 30 wispy lash flares that can be placed under your natural lashes for a seamless look, as well as a bond, an applicator and remover for a complete DIY lash extension experience. They also hold for a full seven days, so you can cut down on your beauty time and still look put together and ready to go.

If you’re not 100% comfortable nailing your eyelash application (especially with individual clusters, which can be fiddly), a pair of lash tweezers should also be your new beauty bestie. This Velour Too Easy Lash Applicator, £20 here, is dual ended with a curved tweezer for easy placing and adjusting on one end and a comb for finishing touches on the other.

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