Shoppers are singing the praises of a £14 serum that 'fades scars so fast' and makes acne scars 'brighter and clearer' in just days. If you've ever battled with acne, you'll know that clearing the spots is only half the fight. Even after your breakout has healed, you can still be left with scarring and redness, which can be tough to eliminate.

However, TikTokers have been raving about one beauty product that they claim 'actually works' in reducing the visibility of scarring. Glow Hub's Scar Slayer Facial Serum, available for £14 here, has been hailed as a miracle worker for scarred and pigmented skin, with numerous videos amassing millions of views as users showcase their results post-use.

Glow Hub's Scar Slayer Serum has been praised for reducing acne scarring

The Scar Slayer Serum comprises a blend of tranexamic acid and vitamin C, which work in tandem to help erase noticeable scarring and discolouration. These two ingredients protect your skin against free radicals while evening out your skin tone and brightening your complexion.

Both components aid in targeting pigmentation and dark spots while also clarifying your skin and smoothing its texture. It also includes a probiotic blend that helps maintain your skin's health and condition, contributing to the smoothing and glow-enhancing effect, reports the Mirror.

The serum contains vitamin C and tranexamic acid to reduce pigmentation and smooth skin

You can pop the serum into both your morning and evening beauty rituals, but the Glow Hub team recommends you'll see the best results if you use it in your AM routine before slathering on your go-to moisturiser. For those who are new to vitamin C skincare, ease the Scar Slayer into your skincare regime gently, especially if you've got sensitive skin. Start off with a once-a-week application and then up the ante gradually until your skin is totally on board with daily use.

If you're keen to mix the Scar Slayer with other faves from your skincare stash, feel free to pair it with hyaluronic acid and polyglutamic acid for that extra splash of hydration for tired, thirsty skin. It's also a team player with products that boost your skin barrier, offering that additional TLC for sensitive or damaged skin that's craving some love.

You can use the serum morning and night

One happy customer shared: "Really love this product. Haven't been using for long but can already notice a difference in my skin. A lovely texture and doesn't feel sticky or greasy. I use this with the hydration hero and they work well together."

Another shopper sad: "I brought this 4 weeks ago but was really sceptic as I've used other acne scar treatments before like bio oil and others. But none have worked. At first this really gave me a lot of breakouts but then my skin got used to it. I used it am+pm everyday and by week 2 I could already see such a massive difference. I took pictures every week of my skin and the difference is actually insane. I recommend this to all my friends. Don't hesitate and just buy it."

A before and after of using the serum

A third reviewer wrote: "Didn't believe how well it worked until I tried it. Doesn't irritate my skin and has helped with scarring." Whilst someone else said: "Fades scars so fast."

On one TikTok video about the product, one commenter suggested: "If this product isn't working for y'all I found the ordinary azeliac acid helped so much with my acne scarring!" You can find The Ordinary's Azelaic Acid Suspension 10% Cream for £11.10 here at LookFantastic.

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