For those of you who are a fan of getting lash extensions but not quite as fond of the price tag that comes with it, chances are you’ve been on the lookout for a more affordable alternative that’ll give you the same fluttery falsie effect without the splurge.

If that sounds familiar we’ve got you covered, because we spotted a budget-friendly beauty tool that promises to give you longer, curlier lashes in seconds – and it’s majorly budget-friendly.

The Stylpro Heated Eyelash Curler, £15 here, is available at Argos and is the newer, quicker and more high tech version of your old school eyelash curlers.

The Stylpro Heated Eyelash Curler gives you instantly curlier, longer lashes

It’s simple and safe to use, and works like a curling wand for your lashes by applying gentle heat to curl your eyelashes in seconds It heats up to the perfect temperature to curl them without worrying about burns or injuries, and the added heat helps relax and style your lashes, just like your curling tongs would do for your hair.

With an automatic shut off after 10 mins so you don’t need to worry about whether you turned it off or not, the Stylpro Heated Eyelash Curler, £15 here, is a great quick and easy way to give your lashes a natural looking lift without spending hours (or a fortune) in the salon chair.

The curler gently heats up and is safe to use

The results are longer, curlier and thicker looking lashes that are long-lasting – all you need to do is add your favourite mascara after curling to give them some extra definition. If you do prefer a more classic lash lift look, you can always try out the Luxe Lashlift Set + Free Tint Set, £29.95 here (was £64.95), which lets you replicate your salon treatment from the comfort of your own home.

Shoppers who’ve already snapped up the bargain Stylpro Heated Eyelash Curler, £15 here, however, have been praising its results, saying: “My lashes have never been so curled! I am super impressed with this little magic device, once it is completely heated up, I curl my lashes for about 20 seconds and it looks like I've had an instant lash lift!!!”

The heated curler has a budget-friendly price of £15

Another said: “I feel like a film star!” with a third adding: “It takes less than 20 seconds each 'squeeze' and really does give you the 'lash lift' type of look. It takes about a minute to heat up and the pink bar turns white when they are ready to use. I have recommended these to lots of friends already and they are also raving about their results! Love love love!!”

Whilst a fourth wrote: “Bought this thinking it wouldn't work. I was impressed after 15 secs my lashes were curved up. I left them without mascara and stayed curled for ages.”

Shop the Stylpro Heated Eyelash Curler, £15 here, at Argos now.

By Editor