By now we’re all too familiar with the at-home hair removal options available to us when it comes to removing body hair from places such as our underarms or legs, but when it comes to unwanted facial hair it usually requires an altogether steadier hand and a more gentle removal process.

Although you can absolutely try out the plethora of at-home waxing kits available to banish upper lip hair or unruly chin whiskers, there’s no denying that it can leave your eyes watering, whilst shaving or dermaplaning often lead to rapid regrowth that sees you having to repeat the process far more frequently than you’d like.

The Gurelax Facial Hair Remover for Women is a quick, painless way to remove your facial hair

If the idea of constant shaving, painful waxing or expensive laser appointments leaves you feeling more than a little despondent, we’ve found a handy little device that might just be the secret to getting a smoother, hair-free complexion without any of the cost – or pain – of more traditional methods.

The Gurelax Facial Hair Remover for Women, £18.99 here, has not only been designed specifically for delicate areas like your face which makes it easy to us, but it's also being called ‘painless’ by people who’ve used it.

Stylist Kat Farmer took to Instagram account Doesmybumlook40 to share her love of the facial hair remover, calling it “ Fab for facial hair” and “pain free” as she demonstrated using the hair remover on her ‘tache’ area.

Naturally her followers flooded the comments with questions, asking “Does it make it grow back thicker?” and “Do you get stubbly regrowth?” to which Kat replied “NOPE”, with other followers chiming in that they’ve been using the device for years with no adverse effects, with one even saying: “If anything it grows back much less.”

It’s not just Kat’s followers who are big fans of the Gurelax Facial Hair Remover for Women, £18.99 here, with Amazon shoppers also raving about how quick and easy it is to use.

Stylist Kat Farmer shared her love for the device

One wrote: “I was given this as a present, and waited a while before using it, expecting the same levels of pain as others. It was completely painless! I have removed all the fluff and wiry hairs from my face, my moustache, and even trimmed my nose hair without a wince. Highly recommended.”

Whilst another said: “Painless, reaction free, and hair grows slower! I recommend!” With a third adding: “Did a review on various facial hair removers and chose the Flawless, for £20 you can't go wrong. Painless, quiet and efficient. And as people have said, makeup is better coverage too.”

Consider us converted!

By Editor