Last summer we shared an unexpected beauty hack that could save you hundreds of pounds by swapping your pricey designer fragrance for a more affordable hair perfume by the same brand. The hair perfumes can save you more than £100 on your fave fragrances and smell exactly the same, with plenty of luxury brands offering the same beloved scent in a hair-friendly bottle.

Now, haircare brand Gisou has launched its very own version. Gisou Honey Infused Hair Perfume Floral Edition, £34 here, combines the brand’s signature honey-infused products with a floral-smelling perfume and a hydrating hair treatment, all in one bottle.

Gisou's honey-infused hair perfume is perfect for refreshing your hair

The hair perfume first and foremost makes you – and your tresses – smell great. It has a sweet rose, honey and vanilla scent, with top notes of bergamot, quince, rhubarb and almond, heart notes of rose, gardenia, peony, sweet violet, jasmine and Mirsalehi honey, and base notes of tonka bean, vanilla, praline and cacao.

As well as being great for giving your hair a refresh and a boost of sweet scent, the Gisou hair perfume is infused with Mirsalehi honey and wild rose that enriches your hair with strengthening, shine-giving antioxidants, vitamins and amino acids.

The perfume has notes of honey, rose and vanilla

It's also designed to refresh your strands while protecting them from UV rays, and works to moisturise and strengthen your strands, leaving them shiny and healthy. The hair perfume treatment is perfect for lazy hair gals, too – all you need to do is spray over your hair and give it a shake. That’s it.

Users of the Gisou hair perfume have been leaving rave reviews for it, with one saying: “I absolutely love the smell of this and actually prefer it to the original, I also think it lasts much longer on my hair.” Another wrote “This is such a lovely hair perfume. I’d say rose is the most prominent smell in all of the notes but it is still so pretty and leaves my hair shiny and soft!”

You can pick up a 50ml bottle for £34

With over 100 million views on TikTok for #hairperfume it seems to be beauty’s worst kept secret, but if you’ve not yet tried one out, allow us to make a couple of suggestions. You can get the cult-favourite Maison Francis Kurkdjian Baccarat Rouge 540 as a 70 ml bottle of scented hair mist for £75 here – an impressive saving considering the 70ml bottle of the EDP will set you back £235 here.

You can also get a 30ml Jo Malone London English Pear and Freesia Hair Mist for £40 here, whilst a 30ml bottle of the regular perfume will cost you £55 here . So if you want to add to your fragrance collection but don’t want to break the bank, hair perfumes will become your new favourite scent addition.

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