I’ve always struggled with taming my hair, it’s not overwhelmingly frizzy, however, it has enough frizz to sometimes look out of control. And I really wanted to achieve the sleekness I get every time I visit the hair salon without forking out for a weekly blow-dry appointment.
So I thought I would give Drybar’s Double Shot Blowdryer Brush a go, my third hot brush attempt after two slightly underwhelming other ones. I don’t struggle too much with volumising my hair, what I really wanted this brush to do was tame most of my flyaways and just add an overall smoothing effect, while keeping the bounce and fluff I like. And it definitely did.

Priced at £125, this is slightly more than similar styles from Revlon and Babyliss, but still significantly cheaper than the Dyson Airwrap (£479.99) or the Shark Flexstyle.

The hair tool has a cool setting as well as a hot setting so you can switch between the two depending on your desired look

Although most hot brushes work best on hair that is around 80-90% dry, this brush says it can be used straight on towel-dried hair as it doubles up as both a styler and a dryer. This was a massive time saver for me and prevented further heat damage as I would usually blow dry my hair and then go in with a straightener or curler for styling.
After running through a leave-in conditioner and some heat protectant, I sectioned my hair into pieces and ran the brush over to ensure everything was thoroughly dried. I find sectioning my hair with a clip is the best way to make the smooth sleekness really last all day.

Once going over the pieces to dry them, I turned the cool setting on and used the round brush to curl large chunks of my hair away from my face to give that '90s blowout look. Once all sections of the hair were completed I finished off by styling my short front layers away from my face to create that curtain bangs style.

The brush helped me create that voluminous blowdry look while taming my flyaways and smoothing my hair

I was pleasantly surprised with the results because as mentioned, I have used styling brushes before and found they didn’t give me the look I was going for. I think the huge difference with Drybar’s brush is that because it is both a dryer and styler you can smooth your hair down at every step to make sure it lasts. And if you are looking to add extra volume this brush definitely does that as you can dry your hair from the roots to give it a little oomph.

A similar 2-in-1 style brush I have not yet tried myself but have heard good things about is Amika’s Hair Blow Dryer Brush 2.0, £95 here. The reviews all rave about the product with one reviewer writing: “If you want big and bouncy hair you need this tool in your collection. It really does give that blow dry that you'd get at the salon!”.

If you’re looking for a styler that will straighten your hair rather than add texture and bounce, Beauty Works Speed Styler Hot Brush is reduced to £45 here and helps to smooth down frizz.

By Editor