It may be miserable outdoors but we have just the news to brighten your day: Boots' £10 Tuesday promotion is back and running today. If the name doesn't reveal all the info, every Tuesday Boots selects a number of products to run a £10 promotion on. The cost saving per item depends on its starting price, but typically you save between 40%-75% on the usual RRPs of items.

Skincare is the top beauty category frequently highlighted, but you can also get great deals across beauty tech, dental, grooming, bath and body, and cosmetics. Today's savings event sees a range of popular skincare items from No7, Olay, L'Oreal Paris, Super Facialist and Soap & Glory, but we have our eye on one brand in particular: Revlon.

This Tuesday sees the TikTok-loved Oil-Absorbing Volcanic Roller,now £10 here, hit the promotion, saving shoppers £3 off the usual RRP. If you've scrolled through TikTok as of late, you might even recognise this clever product, which has influencers and shoppers alike raving about its 'magic' blotting powers with just one swipe.

TikToker @xthuyle reviewed the product in a now-viral video

Beauty influencer @xthuyle reviewed the product in a now-viral video, captioned: "The BEST tool for oily skin! How to touch up your makeup!".

"It's been a long day of work and you could literally fry an egg on my forehead right now," she introduces the short clip, adding: "It's from Revlon and I've seen it go viral a few times. It's always sold out but I've finally got my hands on it."

"Oh, let me zoom up for you guys so you can see the ball in action. Oh wow, this is a game changer!" she concludes.

From looking at the product, it would appear at first glance that the ball is coated in powder, but it's actually made out of volcanic stone and instantly absorbs excess oil on the go. Unlike blotting papers that are single-use and then thrown away, this oil-absorbing roller is re-usable and easy to wash.

This £10 Tuesday sees the TikTok-loved Oil-Absorbing Volcanic Roller reduced in price

Boots shoppers also love the oil-blotting buy, with many saying it's become a handbag hero…

"For someone who has dealt with oily skin for nearly fifty years, I thought I had seen and tried it all. This little rollerball is marvellous at removing excess oil without the nuisance of dealing with blotting papers. Comes apart easily for washing at the end of the day and is dry by the next morning. Slips easily into a makeup bag or small handbag. Highly recommended," writes one.

A second pens: "I am Hispanic and have extremely oily skin, especially in my t-zone. I am amazed at how well this removes the oil and leaves my skin with a matte finish. I will always keep this in my purse!"

If you're shopping around for other methods of oil control, we can also highly recommend DHC Blotting Paper, £4.80 here for 100, and Trinny London's Face Finish Mattifying Balm, £25 here.

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