Despite the current trend amongst celebrities for 90s-thin, or even completely bleached out brows, here at OK! we think that fluffy, brushed up, natural-looking eyebrows will never stop being universally flattering. And to achieve this look, you’ll need one of the best brow gels or waxes in your make-up bag.

Over the last few years we’ve seen a number of brow soaps, sculpting products and at-home lamination treatments go viral, but this new launch from Benefit – the UK’s best-selling brow brand – looks set to outshine them all. Termed a “clear, crunch-free and creamy flex-wax”, Benefit Fluff Up Brow Wax, currently £19.97 here, may have only been on sale for a few weeks but has already collected hundreds of five star reviews.

Benefit's newest brow product

“Wasn't sure the fluffy brow was something I could achieve but this product has made it possible! Has a good holding power like a hair wax,” wrote one happy customer on

“I have mediocre brows and…this product gives me volumised natural looking brows that stay intact all throughout the day,” a shopper remarked on

Keen to see if all this hype could sway her away from her long-time favourites, OK!’s beauty editor Laura tried it out…

Laura says:

“As a beauty editor, my job means that I’m rarely able to be monogamous with make-up, but I’ve been loyal to my eyebrow arsenal for years now: same growth serum, same twist-up pencil, same brush-through wax. That is, however, until Benefit Fluff Up Brow Wax landed on my desk.

“My eyebrows aren’t lacking in size, but this means that they require some seriously super-hold product to lift them up into the bushy look I love – and then keep them in place. The downside to these extra-sticky waxes and brow soaps is that they can feel hard and crunchy when dry, and leave white flakes on the hairs. But not so with Benefit’s new product.

Laura's brows before (left) and after (right) using Benefit Fluff Up

“The wax looks white at first but quickly dries clear, pouffing eyebrows up to look feathery and lifted, then setting them in place – but softly, meaning that it can be built up or reapplied without any crispiness or flakiness. I’ve been copying TikTok by first applying it through my brows the wrong way to fully coat the hairs, before brushing them back into place. I also love the brush’s small spoolie, which, unlike my old favourite, doesn’t overload the brows with product. I’ve even tried home lamination kits and much prefer the results from this little tube.”

“If you like that very defined, wolf-like look this probably isn’t for you and it doesn’t lock brows in place firmly enough to survive a polo neck pulled over the head (for this, go for Benefit’s 24-Hour Brow Setter or REFY’s Brow Sculpt), but for an everyday defined, groomed look, it’s been love at first swipe for me.”


By Editor