Spend just a short time browsing TikTok’s #beautytok and you’re bound to come across no end of weird and wonderful ways to style your hair. We’ve seen waves created using a dressing gown cord, the “bowl method” for defining curls, and even a McDonald’s milkshake lid used to create the perfect bun.

And if you want to give the latest at-home hair hack a go, you’ll need to rummage around your kitchen cupboards. In a now-viral video, TikToker Liz Fox Roseberry demos how she expertly styles her curly hair using a common cooking utensil – a sieve (or pasta strainer, as she calls it).

In the short clip, Liz shows herself tipping her wet hair forward and scooping it in the sieve, before blow drying it through the metal tool. She then shows off the finished look, revealing beautiful bouncy and perfectly defined curls.

This video by Liz Fox Roseberry is currently going viral on TikTok

“Just learned that my pasta strainer is better at diffusing my waves than my diffuser,” she writes in the caption of the video, which currently has over 700k likes. And while many of the 7,000+ comments are making jokes about this somewhat ridiculous method, plenty also seem keen to try it out themselves.

“OMG I can tell this is gonna be a game changer,” wrote one user, while another commented, “100% trying this because why the hell not.”

Liz's hair styling method uses this cheap kitchen utensil

So does this technique actually work? Yes, actually, according to the experts. “Using a pasta strainer works in the same way a diffuser attachment does. It distributes the heat evenly to the curls so the curl pattern remains intact, and circulates the air so the hair has a more air-dried effect,” explains celebrity hairdresser and Jerome Russell BBlonde brand educator Jason Collier.

However, you don't need to look to your kitchen to create flawless curls, says Jason. “With the right styling you can keep your strainer for pasta,” he advises, recommending that people stick with their hairdryer’s diffuser attachment – but use it gently. “It can be easy to become overzealous with the scrunching, which can increase frizz.”

Jason goes on to say how important it is to use hair products that hydrate and define your curls, recommending spraying on Bstyled Heat Protect Curl Definer (£6.99 here) before blow drying, and Bstyled Curl Jelly (£6.99 here) to finish.

Jason recommends using these two Jerome Russell products to keep curls looking their best

“To continue keeping curls beautiful and healthy, use shampoos and conditioners for curly hair, as these will give all the nourishment and hydration that your hair will need,” he also advises. “Look for proteins in the ingredients to really strengthen your hair.”

While this does look like a fun and harmless hair hack to try, we think we’ll be using our sieves purely for serving spaghetti!


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