TikTok truly is the number one resource for dupes, inspiration, and of course, hacks, but the latest lip-plumping hack is not for the faint hearted.

On the eternal quest for tricks and tips to get fuller, plumper lips without having to resort to lip filler, TikTokers have been looking high and low for a new product to help give their pout more volume, and now they seem to have turned to their vegetable drawer for answers.

The latest hack of the moment is using jalapeño peppers as a lipstick, and rubbing it all over your lips to try and encourage swelling and plumping.

In one video, TikTok user LailaLoves cuts a jalapeño in half to expose the middle, then proceeds to rub it all over her pout for almost a full minute. The science behind it is arguably sound; we’re sure you’ve eaten spicy food before and felt like your lips have swollen thanks to the heat from the chilli, but we’re not sure we can cosign intentionally rubbing chillies into a sensitive area like your lips.

The latest TikTok hack involves rubbing cut up chillis onto your lips for a fuller pout

The hack works because the chilli irritates your lips, causing an increase of blood to flow to them and making them swell up and look bigger. The effects are only temporary though, meaning you’d have to redo it pretty regularly to achieve a consistently bigger pout.

In an interview with Refinery29, lip filler expert Dr Esho does advise against the hack, saying: "Cinnamon and chilli in particular irritate the lips which causes blood to rush towards them, making them look temporarily bigger." Dr Esho also explains that applying irritants like chill over a long period of time to your lips can cause the skin barrier to become damaged, which may result in dry, flaky, sore skin that’s difficult to repair. "It’s not something I'd advise," he adds.

Although it will offer you a temporary fix that doesn’t involve needles or fillers, it definitely seems like the long term cons outweigh the short term pros. If you’re still on the hunt for something to help make your lips look fuller temporarily, there are plenty of lip plumping products out there that can offer a safer alternative.

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