More often than not when a celeb takes out their hair extensions they’re shocked by how fine their natural tresses look without the extra strands. However, Courtney Green is proving that she never needed the thickening boost from those extensions.

In new Instagram Story snaps, Courtney – who’s been a regular cast member on The Only Way Is Essex since 2016 – shows off her hair after having her semi-permanent extensions removed – and seems delighted by the results of the make-under.

“Took my extensions out,” the 27 year old captions the first image of the series, following it up with a clip where she admires her natural hair.

Courtney's extensions-free hair

Courtney's hair with extensions

Courtney’s extensions-heavy hair previously reached down to her waist, and it now falls just below her shoulders. However, the thickness of her natural hair looks similar to the thickness she had with her tapes or bonds – impressive.

While there’s definitely a move towards natural make-unders in the celeb world at the moment – with stars like Charlotte Crosby and Lottie Tomlinson recently dissolving their facial fillers – others are keen to join the “barely-there but boosted” movement. Essentially, this means turning to subtle cosmetic tweakments and “invisible” hair extensions to boost what they naturally have.

Last week, for example, S Club 7 singer Rachel Stevens showed off the results of having “secret” hair extensions fitted.

"Just popped in to see Hadley Yates for a little hair love. Felt like my ends were feeling really thin and I wanted a bit of added texture and fullness," Rachel captioned the clip. She then shared her results, writing: "I left with exactly what I wanted: thicker and fuller locks. Thank you Hadley, I love my hair, I love the extra fullness and it still feels so natural."

Left, Rachel before with natural hair, and right, after having extensions fitted

As for tweakments, former Love Island star Gabby Allen proved earlier this year that you don’t need to go surgical to get great anti-ageing results. Gabby, 30, revealed on Instagram that she underwent a tweakment on her neck after feeling like she looked "500 years old" in a number of photos.

The reality star admitted she'd been wondering if a facelift would do the trick, as she noticed her face and neck skin were sagging. However, she ultimately decided to try out Profilho injections – to great results.


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