Have you ever loved a shade of lipstick so much that you wished your lips were naturally that colour at all times? A beauty treatment called lip blushing promises to make this dream a reality.

Though not brand new, this semi-permanent make-up treatment is gaining popularity this year thanks to celebs like Michelle Heaton and Olivia Attwood raving about their results. Now, TOWIE’s Ella Rae Wise has become the latest star to show off her impressive treatment before and after.

The 22 year old’s results can be seen in a TikTok video posted by Tracie Giles London – the clinic that did the lip transformation for the star.

“Another gorgeous Lip Blush transformation for @TOWIE’s fabulous @Ella Rae Wise. We LOVED having Ella in the clinic,” the clinic captions the 20-second clip showing the reality star going from her natural lip colour to a freshly tattooed one.

Left, TOWIE's Ella Rae before having lip blushing, and right, immediately after

It’s worth noting that Ella’s after picture was taken immediately after having the treatment done, which is why the shade looks quite bold and her lips look a little swollen. The final result of a lip blush treatment can be seen at around the 10-day post-procedure mark, once the lips have fully healed. A quick scroll through the TOWIE star’s recent snaps show the beautiful, dusky rose shade the colour has now settled to.

If this lip blush procedure is new to you, as we say, it’s a form of semi-permanent make-up applied with a needle. Think of it like having your lips tattooed. Numbing cream is used so that discomfort is reduced, and it takes around two hours for a trained professional to draw out the lip lines and fill in the new colour. Your lips may swell for the next 24 hours and they’ll peel before healing, so the colour you leave the clinic with isn’t the one you’ll end up with.

Ella shows off her final lip results on Instagram

After you’ve had a touch-up treatment four weeks after the initial appointment, your new lip colour should last for 1-3 years before you need another touch-up session. As for the colour you have applied, that’s totally customisable and you can show your technician the exact shade you’re after in the consultation.

Since lip blushing defines the lips with lip liner-like precision, the pout-plumping procedure is being hailed as an alternative to lip filler – and beauty experts are already predicting that it’s set to be one of the trendiest treatments to get in 2023. We’re only in February so we’ll be eagerly waiting more results from celebs booking in for their own blushing sessions.

The “Gloss & Go” lip blush Ella had done at Tracie Giles costs from £595. See here for more details on how to book.


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