There’s been a move away from Turkey teeth this year – a craze that saw a large number of Brits travel out to countries like Turkey to have crowns or veneers fitted in a bid to get a billion dollar smile. Instead, celebs and us normal people alike have been finding ways to improve our appearances without having to resort to irreversible teeth shaving.

However, it looks like Tulisa isn’t following the trend as the N-Dubz star has posted a gushing Instagram post about her new gnashers. Though she doesn’t explain what treatment she’s had, the perfectly square and evenly-sized front teeth indicate she most likely had veneers fitted. Compare them to her teeth from 2014 and you’ll be able to see the difference in their colour and shape.

Left, Tulisa in 2014 with her previous smile, right, this month with her new teeth

“I want to say a massive thank you to @prodentallondon for sorting out my gnashers before the tour. I love my new teeth!” Tulisa captions the carousel of selfies. “I know I’ve been an absolute mare and a proper fuss pot, but thank you so much for being so kind and patient and doing such an amazing job.”

She concludes by adding: “I have been stressing about my smile for a while and now I’m so happy! I haven’t smiled like this in ages.”

This pre-tour transformation comes over a decade after Tulisa first opted to have her natural teeth fixed with a bit of cosmetic dentistry. Back in 2011, the singer apparently forked out around £12,000 before going on an earlier N-Dubz tour. Again, we’re not too sure what she had done but it could have been anything from a bit of composite bonding to a full set of veneers.

Tulisa’s teeth aren’t the only updated feature of her appearance that fans spotted during the N-Dubz 2022 tour. The 34 year old also unveiled an incredible new bleach blonde hairdo that’s literally doubled the length of her locks, as well as being a world away from her signature brunette shade. A total show-stopper all round, we think you’ll agree.


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