If there's one person we're going to take beauty notes from it's Victoria Beckham. Today, we've been watching her Instagram eagerly with a pen and paper in hand to pick up some of her latest tips on contouring.

Sharing a new tutorial Reel with her 30 million followers, VB takes the time to both explain how she achieves her signature nose contour and to drop the details of an exciting new product launch: her Victoria Beckham Beauty Stylus, £32 here.

Victoria captions the Reel: "This is the ultimate contour stylo! When creating my @VictoriaBeckhamBeauty Contour Stylus I really wanted it to feel as easy as drawing with a crayon, but with maximum precision. I’m wearing shade Marble, and always start by contouring my nose, around the lips to create volume, and sculpt the cheekbones".

Victoria shows how she contours her nose with her new VB Beauty launch

She uses a "V for Victoria" method

She goes on to explain in the clip: "I was so adamant when we were creating this product that you can use it as a crayon. I like to draw two lines down the side of my nose and then a V – for Victoria. I know I keep saying it but I just love the fact that no one is doing a contour stylo this fine. They're all just so thick."

"You can even use it around the lips if you want to create a little volume, and sculpt the cheekbones," adds her make-up artist Fara Homidi, to which VB replies: "Which I love".

Fans are loving both VB's finished look and her helpful contouring tips.

"Omg this is exactly the dilemma with contouring. Thank you for creating this amazing product," comments one, while a second says: "I love this idea, I’ve been using my taupe brow pencil to do exactly this for years".

A third writes: "Finally!! I NEED this stylo!" while a fourth says: "So easy!"

The contour stylus comes in four different shades to suit all skin tones

If you're keen to get your hands on the new product, it comes in four different shades to suit all skin tones. For reference, VB uses the shade marble – the second lightest shade.

If £32 is a little steep for your budget, there are other options you can shop for less. However, as VB explains to eloquently, most contour sticks are quite chunky in size – hence why the USP of her new launch is the slim design that makes for precise drawing. That being said, Kiko's Sculpting Touch Creamy Stick Contour, £9.99 here, is slimmer than most in design and has a very blendable formula.

Contouring has taken a bit of a backseat in recent years as blusher and 'clean girl' trends dominate, but if VB says contour is back, contour must be back!


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