The viral £20 tan remover that shoppers are calling a 'game changer' has just landed in Boots' £10 Wednesday sale. We all love the bronzed look that a good self-tanner can give, but we can all agree on one thing- removing it can be a total nightmare.

Whether it's been on for a few days and has started to go patchy, or you've had a bit of a mishap with application and ended up with those dreaded fake tan hands or blotchy elbows, trying to scrub it off can leave your skin feeling sore and raw. But there's one product that went viral last year for its ability to quickly and effortlessly remove unwanted fake tan and now you can get your hands on it for just £10. The Rose and Caramel Purity Excel 60 Second Self Tan Remover usually retails for £19.99, but for one day only, Boots shoppers can grab it for £10 here in the retailer's £10 Wednesday sale.

Rose & Caramel Purity Excel 60 Second Tan Remover is now £10 at Boots

This tan remover works in under a minute to help banish any signs of lingering fake tan, gently scrubbing away all the telltale signs of self-tanner without leaving your skin feeling tender or raw. It works on literally any brand of fake tan, and all you need to do is apply it like a mask over any and all areas that need tan removing from.

You just need to let it sink into your skin for a minute, then jump in the bath or shower and use an exfoliating glove, like this bargain Double Sided Exfoliating Mitt, now £2 here (originally £5), to gently remove every trace of tan. It's not just about ditching the old self-tan; your skin will feel incredibly soft and prepped for your next faux glow too, reports the Mirror.

You simply apply the tan remover like a mask then buff away with an exfoliator glove

Packed with natural perlite and other key ingredients, the Rose and Caramel Tan Remover works wonders in lifting off your old tan. Plus, it's got a special rejuvenating formula that makes your skin silky smooth and more receptive, so your new tan goes on flawlessly and lasts even longer.

Customers are absolutely loving this tan remover, with one sharing: "I was shocked when I tried it. Every little bit of self tan was gone. Best thing I've tried."

It removes any brand of self tan in 60 seconds

Another happy shopper commented: "I purchased this after reading so many good reviews and what can I say… wow I wasn't disappointed! When I'm ready to re-tan it removes my old tan with such ease, no more scrubbing my skin red raw, I use in conjunction with an exfoliating mitt. This is literally a game changer – previously I would have to remove my tan over a space of a few days to avoid any irritation to my skin but this does it in one go. Simply amazing! ".

Others have also shared: "The only fake tan remover that works. I've tried so many fake tan removers and none of them compare to this one," with another fan chiming in: "Smells great and you literally wipe in on the tan and exfoliates right off like butter."

Seems like we'll be waving goodbye to those fake tan mishaps from now on!

By Editor