Party season is well underway and we’ve seen some on-fleek flicks and red lips galore as celebrities shimmer down red carpets in their finery. But when it comes to New Year’s Eve glam we’re hoping for something even more sparkly, so we’ve been scouting about for ideas in anticipation. Enter model Vogue Williams with some frosty fabulousness about the eyes, which has totally got us in the countdown mood.

The mum-of-three shared a picture of herself on her Instagram stories, with a shot of bright silver liner at the inner corner of her eyes. It’s a gorgeous way to wear liner, bringing extra light to the face and making her eyes look bigger and wider.

The rest of the look was kept pretty and relatively simple. Vogue coupled the liner with a satin foundation and full, well-defined brows. She looks to have some individual lashes added to her upper lash line, along with plenty of black mascara. She had a warm, pinky blush high on her cheekbones, and went for a complementary shimmeriness on the lips from a slightly frosty pink gloss.

Vogue Williams sports a glittery silver eyeliner for party season and right, Rosie Fortescue earrings

And how cute are these little lip earrings she wore? If you’d like to add them to your Christmas wish list, we reckon they’re these ones by Rosie Fortescue Jewellery, for £105 here.

The look was credited to make-up artist Buster Knight, though sadly with no clues as to what products were used. Don’t fret though, we’ve rounded up our favourite glitter eyeliners to suit all your New Year’s Eve party requirements.

Best sparkly set

Stila Gift of Light Liquid Eyeshadow Set, £26 here

Stila's glittery eyeshadow and liner set is a festive treat

This little set of glittery delights is worth nearly twice the ticket price (£48) and we think it’s quite a bargain. Containing three pots of travel size sparkle – which works well if glimmer is something you’re not into for everyday wear – in three different formulations: glisten, glitter and shimmer. Though they are actually liquid eyeshadows rather than liners, there’s enough pigment in the products to use them either way, particularly the silver glitter.

Best for drama

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Crystal Dimension Eyeshadow, £24 here

Charlotte Tilbury Crystal Dimension Eyeshadow has a two-tone shimmer

This metallic pink liquid liner is a fairly new launch from Charlotte, the queen of glam. The colour flits beautiful between a warm rosy pink and pearlescent gold, making it a gorgeously suit-all shade. We love this for a thick line over the upper lash, but it’s also nice for copying Vogue’s underneath liner look.

Best bargain

Collection Glam Crystals Gel Eyeliner, £2.99 here

Collection's eyeshadow has great glitter staying power

If you’re not sure glitter liner is the look for you, try it with this cheapie. This has got great glitteriness and comes in two colours – an icy silver (Glitz) and an old gold (Funk).

Best iridescent

Urban Decay Heavy Metal Eyeliner in Distortion, £17 here

Urban Decay has a great range of glitter colours

Urban Decay’s Heavy Metal isn’t big or new, but it is clever. An icon of the glitter liner genre with a colour for every occasion. We love the gold and silver shades (Goldmine and Glamrock) but for New Year’s Eve we’re really taken with the awesomely Elsa-ish frostiness of Distortion, which reminds us of the trend for eyeshadow flicks using TikTok’s blue diamond filter that was all over social media this summer.


By Editor