If you’ve scrolled through Netflix this past week, you’ll have spotted there’s a new series trending: Wednesday. It follows the life of Wednesday Addams, the sulky daughter of Morticia and Gomez.

Wednesday has always been a bit of a goth icon in her own right, with her deadpan humour and pigtail braids portrayed perfectly by Christina Ricci back in 1991 when the old school TV series was turned into a movie. Now it’s 20-year-old Jenna Ortega’s turn to shine as Wednesday in the new series.

Jenna’s take on the sullen schoolgirl is already drawing plenty of praise from audiences. If you’re a regular on TikTok, you’ll know her self-choreographed prom dance scene is doing the rounds on the app. But it’s not just Wednesday’s attitude that Jenna has nailed, she’s also managed to spark a beauty trend in a matter of days: “soft goth” glam.

Jenna’s take on the sullen schoolgirl is already drawing plenty of praise from audiences

Wednesday's "soft goth" beauty look is sparking a huge trend

Characterised by smudgy dark eyes, maroon lips, undefined cheeks and bold, dark brows, the “Wednesday” look has suddenly become incredibly cool – and largely thanks to the show’s brilliant hair and make-up designer, Tara McDonald.

Tara has addressed Jenna’s on-set look in a new Instagram video with US-based beauty editor Cat Quinn, where the duo talk through the exact products used and the application methods.

“Tara told me Wednesday is wearing MAC’s lip pencil in Night Moth [£18 here] mixed with a clear balm. That would be dabbed on her lips to get that perfect soft goth lip,” Cat says.

“For the eyes, Tara started by blending MAC Brown Script [£17 here] on the top lid and underneath her eyes – it’s a warm-toned brown. Next she went in with MAC Carbon [£17 here] underneath her eye, which is a classic black. She then smudged Carbon and Glitch in the Matrix [£17 here] on the top lash line,” she adds.

Jenna puts a modern and unique spin on Wednesday Addams

Tara’s followers are so keen to know every single detail about Jenna’s look that all of the make-up artist’s recent posts have been flooded with questions about specific Wednesday product queries. Many are desperate to know the mascara that she used.

Thankfully, Tara addressed that in a different video and let us in on the exact product: Ilia Limitless Lash Mascara, £27 here at Sephora.

As Cat says in one of her videos, if you want to be a soft goth Wednesday, get yourself to MAC (with a detour at Sephora).


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