If you haven’t already completed Netflix’s Christmas movie offering, what have you been doing? Don’t worry, there’s still plenty of time to get into the festive spirit, and we recommend kicking things off with Elf. The iconic movie starring Will Ferrell and Zooey Deschanel turns 20 next year, but while some of the cast look very different these days, some look exactly the same.

Namely Zooey – aged 42 now but just 21 years old in Elf. Her complexion seemingly hasn’t changed a bit since 2003 when the movie was released, and the only noticeable difference is her hair, which was dyed blonde for her role as retail worker – and Buddy’s love interest – Jovie.

This change only lasted a short amount of time, however, as Zooey was back to her brunette roots for the Elf London premiere shortly after filming stopped. She later said in an interview that lighter hair definitely wasn’t for her.

“I would literally wake up and see blonde hair in front of my face and I'd be like, Who am I?! When I got my hair back to brown, I remember my sister going, 'Thank God you're back’,” she told Allure.

Zooey, pictured left in 2003, and right in 2022

Comparing a snap of Zooey now in 2022 with one of her from the premiere in 2003, there’s very little change. The actress’ hair features the same trademark block fringe, her eyes have the same cat-eye flick definition and her lashes look equally doll-like. Her complexion also looks plump and youthful in both images. Surely witchcraft is at play here.

So what are her secrets to maintaining such an ageless look?

Oils, it seems. In an interview with Byrdie last year, Zooey explained that she cleanses and moisturises with oil-based products. "I cleanse with cleansing oil and then I put oil on my face," she said. "It sounds crazy, but my skin likes it.”

She might be onto something there. Considering those with oily skin types are said to develop fewer fine lines and wrinkles than those with dry skin types, we imagine all that oil Zooey has been putting on her skin is helping to keep her complexion nourished and plump.

Zooey in the 2003 Elf movie

Another thing she’s partial to is probiotic formulas, and name checked Eminence Organic Skin Care Clear Skin Probiotic Moisturizer, £61 here, as her long-time go-to in an interview with CNN.

In terms of her makeup, we’ve also spotted that she stays away from matte formulas and instead opts for dewy bases. She mentioned to Byrdie as well that she likes Korean beauty products, and that BB creams are a must for her. She also tends to go for a glossy lip over a matte finish – another trick to give your complexion a youthful, glossy effect.

We’ll be putting all of these tips into practice immediately, then.


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