Back in December, Charlotte Crosby became the latest in a long line of celebs rushing to get their lip fillers dissolved in favour of a more natural look. The former Geordie Shore star had previously been a fan of a seriously plump, needle-enhanced pout, but stated at the end of last year that she felt she looked "ridiculous" being a new mum with such large lips.

However, despite seeming delighted – albeit a little shocked – with the results of her lip filler dissolving procedure, Charlotte is now saying "skinny little lips" weren't for her. Instead of booking back in for more filler, the reality star – who gave birth to her baby daughter Alba in October 2022 – has turned to lip blushing – aka lip tattooing – in a bid to give her natural lips a bit more volume and shape.

Left, Charlotte immediately after dissolving her filler, and right, a week after getting her lip blush treatment

"FINALLY getting lip blush and I absolutely can't wait to feel like my lips stand out a little bit more again! Lmao because listen I'm not going to lie, these skinny little lips still are not for me! I'm hoping this is going to make me feel a little better with a nice colour on them," Charlotte says in a newly-posted Instagram Story.

The 30 year old then goes on to show herself lying down on a clinic bed with her lip line drawn out with white pencil. "I'll show you the results when I'm done," she promises her followers.

True to her word, Charlotte has returned to shop her lips post-tattooing – and they look incredible. "I am absolutely over the moon. I went for a really really natural colour, right. It's just made us feel instantly better. I've been saying I want to get lip blush because I feel like then I might feel better about my lips," she concludes the Story series.

Charlotte shares the lip blush process on her Instagram

If you're wondering what Charlotte had done exactly, a lip tattoo is also called a lip blush, and the treatment involves having a pigment semi-permanently applied with a needle.. Numbing cream is used so that discomfort is reduced, and it takes around two hours for a trained professional to draw out the lip lines and fill in the new colour. Your lips may swell for the next 24 hours and they’ll peel before healing, so the colour you leave the clinic with isn’t the one you’ll end up with. The final results are visible seven days later.

In terms of cost, most clinics offer the treatment from around £500, and this tends to include a touch-up session where your tattoo artist can make sure the colour is even and punchy enough.

Charlotte's freshly-tattooed lips are even more evident in snaps taken yesterday. The new mum posted a series of snaps dedicated to Mother's Day, and in one of them Charlotte poses with her rose-tinted pout.

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