There’s nothing better than a fresh manicure, but sometimes you want to switch things up beyond a simple colour or pattern, which is where trying a new texture comes in.

With glazed donut nails and lipgloss nails doing the rounds on influencers and celebs everywhere, we knew it wouldn’t be long before a fresh new nail finish appeared, and the latest nail trend to be seen everywhere is the jelly nail.

Jelly nails have been spotted on JLo and Hailey Bieber – both of whom are known for their inspiration-worthy manicures – and are the perfect pop of colour for spring. Rather than a dense, solid shade, jelly nails rely on a sheer wash of colour followed by a glossy liquid-looking finish that gives them their name, and are easy to spot thanks to their transparent finish which allows you to see the nail line underneath.

Hailey Bieber's spring-ready manicure is giving us some serious nail envy

JLo is another celeb experimenting with the sheer jelly nails

Jelly nails are the perfect minimalist way to wear colour this season, and you can choose how bold you want to go with your shade. JLo opted to go for an eye-catching royal blue hue that made an impact, whilst Hailey Bieber has perfected the art of sophisticated looking colour with her muted passionfruit coloured nails to launch her fruity new Rhode Skincare product.

Plenty of nail varnish brands have now started to offer specialist jelly finishes to their polishes to help you get the juicy finish with minimal effort, but if you want to give yourself an at home mani, there are a few different ways to try the trend. If you’re a fan of longer nails, getting some crystal clear extensions can really amp up the jelly finish.

Apply several thin coats of colour to get colour density without masking the clarity of the nails, before finishing with a glossy top coat, like the MYGEL by Mylee Iridescent No Wipe Top Coat, £8.99 here, which leaves an iridescent wet-look finish.

If you’d rather stick with your natural nails, or opaque extensions, you can still achieve the glossy jelly manicure at home. Simply grab your colour of choice – if you want to replicate Hailey’s passionfruit shade, we suggest Mylee Twist And Shine Gel Polish, £7.99 here – and apply two thin coats. Once it’s dried, apply your glossy top coat and voila! Instant jelly nails.

For those of you feeling particularly creative, you can make your own at-home jelly varnish; all you need is a clear nail varnish, and a colour of your choice, although preferably one that’s highly pigmented. You simply add a sizeable drop of your coloured varnish to your clear varnish bottle, and make sure you shake it well until it’s all combined, and there you have the ultimate personalised jelly polish.

BRB, trying to decide what colour to get my new jelly nails.

Shop the style

Jelly Preserve Nail Strengthener Bramley Apple, £12.75 here

Give your nails some much needed TLC without compromising on colour

Sometimes you feel like your nails need a little break from gels, polishes and extensions, but you don’t want to have completely bare nails. Butter London’s Jelly Preserve Nail Strengthener gives you a translucent jelly finish, whilst also working to rejuvenate your nails and repair any damage thanks to its combination of vegetable proteins, Tea Tree Oil, Vitamin E, and Arginine.

Kiara Sky Jelly Tint Gel Nail Polish, £14.13 here

Mega sheer without losing any pigment? Perfect for your next jelly manicure

The sheer coverage from Kiara Sky’s Jelly Tint is perfect for replicating the jelly manicure at home. It also has a self-levelling formula, which means it’s even easier to get a salon-worthy finish at home.

Clear nail extensions, £4.09 here

Brave some at home extensions with crystal clear tips to give yourself a dramatic jelly manicure

Give yourself an at-home manicure with the help of these clear nail extensions. Choose the right size for you, then secure to your nail beds with nail glue before painting with the colour of your choice.

Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Plumpy Top Coat Nail Polish, £4.00 here

A glossy top coat is an absolute must

Chip resistant and long wearing, this Barry M is the perfect affordable way to keep your DIY manicure going until you’re ready for a change. The smooth, high-gloss finish is perfect for finishing off your jelly nails.


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