What you need to know about training as a lash tech with Novalash

Looking to give your client something new? Expand your treatment offerings & add a new skill to your repertoire by training as a lash technician. Scratch explores the Classic Training course from NovaLash

About Novalash:

NovaLash was established in the USA in 2004 by CEO, Sophy Ward, to provide safe and long-lasting eyelash extensions.

“With 19 years of experience, plus its investment in research and development, NovaLash has created a complete system that is

proven to help lash artists succeed in the industry,” shares Lauren Nesbit, business manager for NovaLash UK. “This system is a combination of physician-developed training, biocompatible techniques, patented flexible adhesives and safety- tested products.” There are NovaLash certified artists in over 40 countries.

The courses:

NovaLash Classic training is ideal for beginners and experienced lash artists wanting to learn NovaLash techniques. “Pre-requisites are steady hands and good eyesight,” says Lauren Nesbit. “Students will also need a treatment bed and lamp to carry out the required practice after class.

“Once they register, students will be provided with a training kit and manual. On the training day, the educator will teach the science behind the service, as well as how to provide safe, healthy and long-lasting lash extensions. The second half of the class is all hands-on work, supervised by the educator.”

Also available is the Classic Conversion course, and American Volume and London Volume courses for experienced lash artists.


Training is one day, with case studies required after this day. “Students are required to submit case studies to their trainer after class,” reveals Lauren. “Once these case studies have been completed, the student is NovaLash Certified, but there is usually a period of practice hours required prior to being ready to launch their services.” Beginners can return for an additional day of training at no extra cost, if they book it within 90 days of their original class.


Once the standard for NovaLash extensions is met, students will receive NovaLash certification. The courses are accredited and insured by Balens Insurance and after-class support is available for students via their trainer. “They can contact NovaLash by phone or email with any technical questions,” Lauren adds.


NovaLash’s Classic Training is £825 + VAT plus shipping, which includes a training manual and products. Alternatively, if a professional already offers lash extensions but would like to become NovaLash Certified, the Classic Conversion course is £390 + VAT plus shipping.


Register for training by 31 January 2023 and quote ‘Scratch’ to get £100 off the cost of a NovaLash course.

For more information or to book training with NovaLash, call Lauren Nesbit on 0131 677 4955 or email uk@novalash.com.


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