It’s been a few weeks now since Molly-Mae Hague gave birth to daughter Bambi, and she’s clearly basking in that new-mum feeling, regularly sharing snippets of parenthood alongside partner Tommy Fury with her 7 million Instagram followers.

One thing that Molly-Mae may currently be missing just a little bit about pre-baby life, though, is her regular bubble baths. Before having Bambi, the former Love Islander regularly shared her love for relaxing in tubs filled to the brim with expensive bath soaks – but she recently posted on her Instagram Stories that she couldn’t use her favourite products at the moment, adding: “IYKYK”.

Love Islander Molly-Mae gave birth to daughter Bambi last month

And for those of you who DON’T know, the reason for this is because new mums are generally advised to avoid soaking in heavily scented products for a few weeks after giving birth, as these chemicals and fragrances can irritate skin and wounds. Some experts even say that the cervix may still be a little dilated after giving birth, which may pose a risk of infection, or if you’ve recently had a C-section, soaking in a bath can potentially lead to infection at the incision site. Of course, the most important thing is to follow the advice given by your midwife or doctor.

And so in place of a soothing soak in a strongly-scented bath, Molly-Mae’s had to find other ways to relax in between evening feeds. And we reckon we know what might be helping.

In a vlog about her pregnancy evening routine, the 23 year old explains that one of her final steps before bed is to mix a few drops of Tisserand Aromatherapy’s Lemongrass Essential Oil, £6.50 here, into an aromatherapy diffuser with some water and enjoy the uplifting scent fill the room.

Molly-Mae uses this Tisserand oil in her diffuser

And for when Molly-Mae’s ready to enjoy her bubble baths again, here are some of the bath products we know she’ll be reaching for:

Laura Mercier Honey Bath Ambre Vanille, £45 here

A favourite with lots of celebrities including Molly-Mae, this bath soak has an indulgent honey scent, and even comes with a honey dipper for swirling it through running water. Shoppers went wild when Aldi released a £5.99 dupe of this product last year, so fingers crossed this is re-released again soon!

Westlab Epsom Bath Salts, currently on sale for £2.49 here

Cheap and cheerful, the influencer was spotted stocking up on these muscle-relieving salts during her pregnancy. For best results tip a generous amount in the tub and soak for at least 20 minutes.

The White Company Sleep Calming Bath Soak, £35 here

This chamomile and lavender-scented bubble bath was seen in a recent snap of Molly-Mae’s bathroom, and the star also revealed that she uses the fragrance oil from the range in her diffuser.

ESPA Bath & Body Oil, £36 here

The Love Islander is also a fan of this luxe product by spa brand ESPA, which is available in seven soothing blends of essential oils.


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