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We spoke to three real DR’s Secret users and got them to share candid moments from their skin transformation journey. These include first impressions, when they first saw improvements and their top product favourites that played a pivotal role in their skin care routines. Keep reading to gain valuable insights that might just help you #FindYourGlow!

As someone who was so reliant on makeup, Pheuron is now embracing her foundation-free skin.

pheuron - dr's secret real user

Tell us about your skin condition in the past.

I was the girl who used to wear makeup to the gym. Back then, I wouldn’t leave the house without foundation on my face. Due to my unhealthy reliance on makeup, I used to have a dull and sallow complexion, enlarged pores and uneven skin tone.

dull and sallow complexion

When did you start seeing skin progress?

As I diligently followed the skin care routine given by my Skin Buddy for about 4 months, my skin went through a revolutionary and eye-opening renewal. My skin tone became more even than before, my pores appeared smaller, and my friends commented that my face looks radiant even when I didn’t put on foundation or BB cushion!

How long did it take for you to go foundation free?

I remember I started going fully foundation free in the first few weeks. I thought I should just skip foundation because putting on foundation during this period is like eating fast food while you’re on a diet. I really wanted the products to work on my skin.

after 6 months of using dr's secret

What are some of your favourite DR’s Secret products?

My favourite products are Refining Serum 9 and Hydro Mask. They soothe my skin, tighten my visage and make my skin look so plump, juicy and glowy the next day!

pheuron's favourites - hydro mask and refining serum 9

How do you feel about your skin now?

Without intensive aesthetic treatments, IPL or chemical peels, my skin brightened up and looked rejuvenated. It was so liberating because I have never imagined myself to be so comfortable in my own bare skin. My skin has never been clearer, brighter and happier, and now I only need 5 minutes to get ready!

pheuron going foundation-free

Sherleen was initially sceptical. But she gave DR’s Secret a chance and never looked back.

sherleen - dr's secret real user

What skin concerns were you dealing with?

My skin was very dry, dull and uneven. I remember feeling so insecure about my skin that when I knew I was going to have visitors over, I would quickly dab on some concealer to look more “alive” and pretend that this is my “no makeup” look.

dry, dull and uneven skin

What was your first impression of DR’s Secret?

I was very sceptical at the start. Prior to DR’s Secret, I’ve never used skin care as I don’t believe in them. To me, if you really want to transform your skin, you should go for aesthetic and laser treatments. So, I started on DR’s Secret wanting to give my review as a real, honest user.

How did your skin improve? How did that made you feel?

I started to see my pigmentation fading after 3 to 4 weeks. I started using LIF from my second week of using DR’s Secret, which may also have sped up the process. My skin was healthy and reacted well to the products. I was one of the luckier ones to experience faster results.

I was very happy when I saw my skin improving because during the process, I felt more and more confident. I no longer needed makeup and actually looked good bare-faced.

after 2 months of using dr's secret

What is one DR’s Secret product you can’t live without?

That would be LIF! I started out not expecting much. I’ve owned many beauty devices before but I didn’t see any results.

sherleen's favourite - LIF

After using LIF, my skin always appears super glowy and firm, and it even helps with healing of my pimples! I no longer have to go for facials or treatments because I can do everything in the comfort of my own home.

sherleen going foundation-free

Struggling with low confidence, Calista felt self-conscious about her dull skin and clogged pores though they were not major skin concerns. Her transformative skin journey revitalised her skin appearance and renewed her self-esteem.

calista - dr's secret real user

What was your skin like before using DR’s Secret?

As an event talent in the past, I used to put on makeup almost every day. It’s become such a habit for me that I felt uncomfortable without makeup. Even though I didn’t have any major skin concerns, I was still affected by my dull skin and clogged pores.

What changes did you see with DR’s Secret?

After using the products for just 3 weeks, I observed a change in my overall complexion. My skin became less yellow, pores looked clearer and my eye bags were less obvious too! I can confidently go out with my radiant, bare skin now – yes, no makeup, foundation free!

calista with aqua boost serum 10

What’s one thing you really like about DR’s Secret?

I really like the customisable regimes. It’s unique and the switching of routines means that I can use these products for a long time.

How did your skin improvement bolster your confidence?

I’m someone with pretty low confidence. After using the products, I became more confident because my skin is more radiant now.

calista going foundation-free

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