A new year means a chance to reinvent yourself, and what better way to do that than to try out a different hair colour, right?

Whether you’re a brunette, a blonde or a redhead, there are plenty of tones within your colour spectrum – and outside of it, if you fancy a real change – to elevate your look. From boosting your natural shade just enough to give it a rich gloss to going more ashy with a smoky brown, there’s a colour trend to suit everyone’s needs.

Here, with the help of hair experts, we talk you through six colour trends that are set to be big this coming year.

Brunette hair trends

‘Yours but better’ brown

It’s as simple as it sounds: your natural colour but made better with a healthy-looking gloss and a slight tone tweak. “We’re living in a generation where hair health means just as much as visible results. The demand for shine-boosting treatments instead of dye and bleach is in line with the focus on hair health,” explains Stéphane Ferreira, senior colourist at Live True London.

“Because of this, and because of the huge wave of people going back to their natural root colour, we’re expecting to see natural, glossy brunettes ruling 2023.”

Kendall is a good example of a celeb who sticks close to her natural hair colour

Celebrity inspo: Kendall Jenner

Smoky brunettes

“Smoky undertones give brunette hair added dimension and a multi-tonal finish. Plus, they offer a softer grow out than a big colour change,” explains Ricky Lee Forrest, manager at Blue Tit London. “Instead of warm undertones, smoky shades – created with foils and a toner – give hair an ashy, dimensional finish.”

Because this colour is so cool-toned, it’s best suited for those who don’t have warm and coppery natural hair. This is because it’ll take a lot of upkeep and toning sessions to keep the warmth away.

Celebrity inspo: Jourdan Dunn

Blonde hair trends

Mushroom bronde

Also known as a “dishwater” or “mushroom” blonde, this exact neutral bronde shade has gone from being a blonde girl’s nightmare to the colour of the moment. Emma Vickery, Percy & Reed salon art director, explains: “The key difference between a mousy blonde and a mushroom blonde is the level of shine. A gloss is used to give bronde or dark blonde tones with cool, neutral bases a healthy sheen. There’s nothing boring about a moody blonde!”

Margot shows off a moodier bronde hair colour

Celebrity inspo: Hailey Bieber, Margot Robbie

Champagne blonde

“Though we’ve moved away from the bright, peroxide blondes of summer, a glossy ‘straight from the salon’ blonde is going to be big in early 2023,” says Stéphane. “We’re talking about blondes with plenty of dimension; ones that have more than two tones.”

The key to nailing this look is to have healthy ends and shiny strands. A “fresh from the salon” effect requires plenty of moisturising treatments and semi-regular salon toning appointments.

Celebrity inspo: Kate Hudson

Red hair trends

Copper wash

You guessed it: copper is going nowhere in 2023. It is, however, getting a little less vibrant. “Copper hair remains popular in the salons, with clients asking for everything from full heads of copper colour to copper balayages,” Stéphane says.

“However, we expect to see this shade lighten a touch to become more of a washed-out, peachy shade. This hue works well on a number of hair tones, and especially glossed over a balayage on darker brown hair.”

Look to Sydney Sweeney for marmalade blonde inspo

Celebrity inspo: Sydney Sweeney

Sunset red

If you’ve ever seen an amazing sunset, that final flash of vibrant orangey/red is a tone many redheads will want to try out this coming year. “Think bright sunset oranges and vivid reds to add warmth to brunettes, blondes and redheads. It’s a vibrant colour that can be worn all over for a bold look, or you can have flashes of it through the hair for a softer effect,” explains Sophia Karayiannis, assistant manager at Blue Tit London.

Hitch actress Eva Mendes shows off her new "sunset copper" hair colour

Celebrity inspo: Eva Mendes, Zendaya


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